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Originally Posted by LAHomme View Post
I dont think being publically traded has anything to do with it Gucci is publically traded an they dont have those problems so is Louis Vuitton,Dior,Fendi (LVMH) an they are whoring themselves so being public or private doesnt matter they all have ppl who run that stuff in the corporation

Those are conglomerates buddy. Their subsidiaries, like LV for instance, almost certainly have the majority say in marketing strategies and distribution of their particular brand.

Seriously, flip on CNBC every now and then and watch CEO after CEO after CEO of these independent companies begging you to buy their stock, trying to convince you of the drastic measures they are taking to increase quarterly profits and long-term stock performance etc...

If you follow the financial markets, you know there is often huge differences in the way publicly traded companies are operated vs. the way private, often time family owned (like Diesel) ones are. Going public has been a great boost for many companies, but the quality control and ethics go flushing right down the toilet of many, if not most, others...
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yup was just at ANOTHER target and they had Godivas, mickeys....a few others, I took pix....all the tags said 2004 sides the godiva ones...all the tags on the jeans were stained a 'yellowish' colour.... and I took a picture of the sign, True Religion and Diesel....no rainchecks, thats what the sign said. i'll post up pix as soon as I unload my car.....but there are DEF. true religions, whether they are reall or not, AT TARGET.
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I was at the Super Target in New Tampa this weekend and didn't see any designer anything there. I was relieved to know that they're not at every Target.
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yeah, they were JUNK. complete and utter JUNK. I saw some lady loading her cart with them after I got done taking pictures.....
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Which Targets did you see them at in the Tampa/St. Pete area? I'm glad they're at least selling the older ugly ones.
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on 9th street in st. pete AND at the one off of 66th street. the 4th street and the pinellas park ones do not have them....
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none at my targets..and if they are JUNK i don't want them there anyway hehe =)
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junkity junk junk junk.
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I haven't seen any in TX, but at the same time I'm trying not to look...
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woah. I just went to target today for the first time in a couple of months and I saw the TRs! They actually looked really cute. There were some on sale for $80!! They weren't too cute though. I also saw some antik's on sale for $30!!!!!!! They were adorable. Too bad I'm on a jean ban ... :\
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