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supertarget has diesels too?

what's next, Lucky's at wal-mart?
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Robin..haha...yer the 3rd person that has uttered that request!!! but I feel I have 'paid' my dues...we've been married 6 years....and this is the first time I've needed him to 'take care' of me....I'm pretty independent...so I think he dug the fact that I 'needed' him a little bit more.....and he knows that the way to my heart is thru clothes/shoes and bags and digital equipment too!!!!!! I'm just not a 'flower' kinda girl....he did GOOD!!!! I did 'prepay' the favor by taking him to the Ralph Lauren store last month and MADE him get a whole new wardrobe!!!! I had saved up XXX amount for some new jeans and I surprised him and gave it to him to splurge with! KARMA!
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i think that if you love premium denim, you should be excited about sharing it with people. being angry that it's sold in mainstream stores is like saying you're good enough for TR but other people aren't.

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color the coast...your way off base with that comment. never did I state anywhere that I was 'good enough' for premium denim and others werent....maybe that is how you are percieving my comment...but I just have to tell you, that you are wrong in your perception.

To qoute Zunic:
Premium denim being sold at Target diminishes the prestige and exclusivity of True Religion Brand Jeans.

THAT IS ALL..NO 'better than anyone attitude or anything like that...if I felt that way then that is what i would have typed.!!!!...

do not try and twist my statements around to fit what you 'think' I am saying....

because in all honesty, if i have something to say...whether I think everyone will like it or not..I WILL say it.

now for end point. I am NOT happy that Jeans that were exclusive to high end stores and higher end online stores and boutiques are now going to be sold at Target. If you are happy that they are, then good for you....but I...well, I am NOT. you have your opinion and I have mine.

good day.
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DENIMZELOT...you're making me wanna find a new husband hahahha
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AZ--stoppppp! its taken, what, 6 years of good 'training' to get him to this point... :O

btw. yer son is ADORABLE!!!! killer shirt for the little guy!
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Hey DenimZealot, I feel EXACTLY the way you do about TR being sold at Target. Like you said, I walk around the malls and see so many girls in American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister jeans and I love that I'm wearing something *different*. Yeah, I see TRs on people too but not nearly as often. There's a Super Target about 10 minutes from me in New Tampa and I haven't been there in a while so I may stop in this weekend to see if they're selling TRs. I really hope they're not but if they are in St. Pete, I won't be surprised if see them. What a disappointment if I do.
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You know a brand is played out when theyre mentioned in a song.

Anywho, thats why I stick to big and super T's.
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Hmm, what song?
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Seven Jeans, True Religion....I keep takin' they keep givin....
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My husband needs to get some lessons from your husband---maybe I'll forward him this link and next week I'll get some TRs in the mail!
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Originally Posted by Zunic View Post
Hmm, what song?
black eyed peas - my lumps
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I was just at Target and they didn't have any. Sad because I had 20% off today and all I got was... shampoo...
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Originally Posted by EM1Guru View Post
black eyed peas - my lumps

Ahh, well that explains why I haven't heard of it!

Top 40 music can just die!
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You need to post pictures I dont belive a Target has Diesel,TR,&Coach(not that coach has any prestige) As for TR being mainstream they already are they are premium denim they are about as special as a Coach bag.(Stuff like premium denim is naturally mainstream a step up from AF an not enough for designer clothing even though premium denim is def good quality) Its not like True Religion is Hermes or something. That makes me want to drop True Religion if they would wholesale to Target that means the brand has already bottomed out next stop is TJMaxx. But I still cant belive this Post Pictures From Inside Target.
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Also If Target in your area is selling True Religion Jeans or Coach they are most likely fake(corp. idiots at companies like these no nothing about fashion brands) Just like Fendi at Sams Club...Coach is suing Target for carrying fake bags...

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I think the song is called "my Humps" not My 'LUMPS! hahaa.. my lumps is mucho better tho!
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Zunic "top 40 music can just DIE" ---- again. I AGREE .....whole heartedly!!!!
In the words of Dead Prez:

so real that the radio would never play it......turn off the radio, turn off that bullsH*t....
cuz you when u bringin' the real, you don't get rotation,....less you take over the station....

excerpt from Radio Frequency...
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Originally Posted by LAHomme View Post
My first reaction....

Then my second....
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Lahomme- next time i make the trek out to the target on 9th street north...i will take my digi cam...
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In Tampa the Target had Diesel and TR's and they were the ugliest jeans from both companies. Basically what you find at Nieman Marcus Last Call that no one buys is what's at Target. They just had one small rack and believe me no one was looking. They won't last long there.
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I've seen them at the Target Greatlands nearby, but not the regular targest.
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Target & Off 5th have the same prices, not really a big deal to me since most of us scout for deals on ebay. They're still expensive jeans and most people still won't buy them. At least you don't have WalMart selling TRs.
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Katie Are They at Target on San Felipe?
If those TRs are real I question it since they have already been caught by Coach for selling knockoffs. Also TR is trying to kill its self an brand image I assure you if execs an buyers at Neiman Marcus & Saks find this out they will drop True Religion so fast it wont be funny. Im guess Im washing my hands of True Religion since they are at Target now.
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