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Originally Posted by Beeka
I'm not so good with the women TR, but isn't some of the women jean from this collection are fake??
that woodstock? Yeah, I think these are fake too.......got them for $120 at DC sample sale at the time we don't know much about TR....DAMN those DC people....
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here's all i got! 2 pairs! however i believe i have a pair of sammy dark urban cowboys in the works ...we'll see!!

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Well there are TRs buried in there somewhere. Too lazy to pull them out.

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Here is my very small but happy collection

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small? have you seen mine?! You have one for every day of the week!
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Thanks for finding this Ange303.. anyone want to participate?
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Yes, thanks - I dont know how you found it. I can't conduct any kind of search without getting an error page!
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Here are my TRs (I am embarrassed by how much my TR collection has shrunk). I hope they come out with some cool stuff for the spring!
Row 1:
Joey Big T Black Miners
Billy Big T Urban Cowboy
Joey Super T Easy Rider

Row 2:
Sammy crops: Easy Rider, Bleached, Super Light Vintage

Row 3:
Joey Big T Bleached Rainbows
Joey Big T Sunshine SLV Rainbows
Lola Skirt in Clearwater
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Here's my TR, all Joey cut.

Super-T Old Multi Urban Cowboy Dark, Super-T Black Easy Rider, Super-T Dusty Trail

Big-T Gun Metal, Big-T Midnight Riding Bull, Big-T Dusty Trail

Dark Vintage, Big-T Dark Dusty Trail

Gotta buy some more Super-T's.
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i need more super ts! I want a dark wash! I love how mens have the huge tag on all their jeans.
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Sorry for bumping this ancient thread, it was the most recent 'collection' post i found.
(hopefully my pics work)

Joeys - Saddleback, Easy rider (rigid), Cowgirl Destroyed, Easy Rider (stretch)
MUC, Dk Vintage (sz 2, Dk Vintage (sz 30)

Stevies, Johnnys and Billys - Lonestar, Balck Easy Rider, True Red
Big T Easy Rider, Easy Rider (stretch)

Bobby Saddleback Earth Rainbow, Joey Big T SLV, Joey Big T DDR

Sammys - DPE, Easy Rider

Medium Destroyed, Dark Destroyed

And just so you can see how SMALL my other designer collection is (if you can call it that)
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Check out my TR collection within the 3 months. I have a problem....i think i have to ban myself soon...lol
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^wow nice I only have a pair of Joey Big T's, Jessica Shorts and a Sarah skirt. I got my mom into TR's though
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aw man! I should post up...my collection is small but I love it!!!
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row 1: brown joey big t fleece, joey big t easy rider, joey bleached, joey super t ddr, sammy big t lonestar shorts
row 2: joey big t ddr blackseed, joey natural super t MUC, bobby DPE, bobby big t short (easy rider I think), lola skirt
row 3: bobby big t saddleback sunshine, johnny triple stitch DDR, saddleback sammys, sammy big t cords in silver, big t hoodie in navy, big t hoodie in army.

I've added , joey in the duke, joey in MUC (multi), Bobby Heritage The Boss, Brown Joey cords, and about 4 other pairs, and a white dove Hoodie.
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^i like those triple stitch ddr's! and the cords....and the super t's
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