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rabbit - which missoni scarf did you get? I'm looking for a nice scarf..
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3 Balenciaga Bags
2 LV bags
2 pairs of 7FAM A pockets

Oh, and lots of bills!
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Nothing I need to buy something. It's weird when I'm not waiting for anything.
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oh hey denimcloset! i got it off ebay.. it's this one:

i think the seller has some more for sale.. at marshalls the other day i saw a cute wool scarf in a similar color and pattern for 9.99 by kenneth cole. i'm on a look out for nice scarves too! it's getting chilly and rainy over here
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Rock & Republic Jagger Ruffies
Paige Laurel Canyon Tibetan
Too Faced makeup
Tops and sleepwear from VS
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Originally Posted by EmeraldStar View Post
Paige Laurel Canyon Tibetan
you'll love these! i have a pair, and can't get over how pretty the pockets are. plus, they fit amazingly.
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Originally Posted by ndymiaw View Post
cool.... a pink nintendo DS!!!!! plus it's the LITE one

oh, i;m going to add a white crown to my waiting list...
oh.... i've been a bad bad girl....
please someone slap me if i bought another pair!!!!!
haha yes! i love my pink DS Lite
i'm so addicted to Animal Crossing, if you ever get a ds, get the game! it's so much fun

lol ooh white crowns, girl that is not bad at all!
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i'm waiting for my russian mail order bride. who says you can't buy love? pshh!
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omg how did you know, yogi??! the website also said each bride includes a free farm-raised chicken or duck. i opted for the ducky. for eating.
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But its an ORANGE CHICKEN... I thought you'd prefer that for sure!
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well, yeah, but orange COLORED chickens taste like apples. i'd much prefer orange FLAVORED chickens. but i'm obviously not russian, so i'll have to ask my russian bride when she finally arrives how they make chickens taste orangey...i'm willing to bet they just feed chickens lots of oranges.
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2dior homme tees
1bw sneaker
1dior homme tie
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received my xs dior homme tee! The fit is PERFECT omg
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Wanting on a pair of Citizens in Nicotine wash. New from Eluxury
How does everyone afford so many pairs of jeans? 4-5 pairs of R& R?
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Two dresses which I ordered last week and show up on the stores website as being delivered to me. I think the delivery man has been a bit light fingered as the place where I ordered them from said the matter is being investigated as other peoples stuff is missing. Probably end up on Ebay
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There are some serious Shopoholics on this forum.
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dawson's creek season 4
brown sugar
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Frankie B jeans
2 pairs of Steve Madden flats
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I meant Normandy wash. Dark wash with the Wilmbledon style
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Entourage Season Two
Crest Whitestrips Supreme
Mavala Double Lash Conditioner
little crown charm necklace from Ebay
Big order from Victoria's Secret
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paige las flores in light clean
rock and republic tan snake roths
rock and republic vapor scorpions

weee =)
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SFAMK Mercer A's
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zathan 8be and zathan 82h,

you'd think that for 10 dollars shipping per pair, they'd ship it priority, but no. parcel post. fucking nickel-and-dimers.
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make-up from E.L.F., Too-Faced and Clinique!!!
SFAM Lilys from Red-Square
Grail Hoody and Futurama season 3 from Ebay
and my repaired jeans from R&R

If they all come on the same day it's gonna be like Xmas in October!!
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