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What are you waiting for in the mail?

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It's my highest record so far, 5 items:
- R&R Xanex Pink Costellos
- R&R White Crystal Crowns
- Boyfriend's TR Bobby Midnight Rainbows
- Arden B Ruffle Top
- Juicy Velour Pomegranate Hoopy Zipup

I'm *patiently* waiting in front of my mail-slot!!!!

How about you?
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7FAM Gunmetal A's
Pave' diamond band to match my engagement ring -- a 10 year anniv. present!
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TR joey's in easy rider
R&R borax kiedis
R&R jagger ruffies
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Hugo boss orange label Cashmere sweater

hugo boss orange label belt - Reptile style
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Omigosh! You got the ruffies! Nice!! I want a pair...
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Diesel Levans 70E
Gold Michael Anthony necklace and cross
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R&R crystal wickeds in addict
R&R roths
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R&R's Taylor Codeines
Diesel Zathan 70cs
GIRLFRIEND: black Antik jeans, i'm not sure what it's called exactly, but it's coming to our address.

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pair of Blue Cults
2 vintage tops
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kiedis broax
jagger ruffles
roth nicotine
kiedis hydrogen
blue crystal crowns

lake coumo dojos
pink hefners

Some makeup

some shoes
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I'm only waiting for 1 pair of SFAM Rockers and 2 Bose systems.
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TR Johnnys
2 Pairs of Dior Sunglasses
1 pair of Burberry Sunglasses
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Seven Lavender Pockets
Seven Lisa Trousers
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Is it bad that I can't really remember??

I think 3 or 4 pairs of jeans
a pair of shoes
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Ohh...that is fun...
I love waiting for the mail...I like things to be constantly coming so that I get a surprise all the time...haha...
I am waiting on a pair of
Diesel Rippy 87m
True religion Joey big t Med miner
a splendid cami
Juicy Cashmere sweater
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I love mail! And I also try to make it so that I get something every day. Arg, today I didn't get a package from my mailman, I was mad for a few seconds, crazy he?

What I'm waiting for:

7fam Navy Ireland A
7fam OFB A
James Jeans mini skirt
2 pairs of shoes (BCBGirls and Kenneth Cole Reaction)
ILI tube top
Juicy Couture terrie hoodie
Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf
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Which marc Jacob scarf did you get Anna?

I WISH I got a package everyday. It'll be Christmas every morning!!
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twofaced makeup
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^^It's an older one, from two seasons ago I believe, I loved it back then, but never bought it. When I found it on the internet last week, just had to get it Here's the link
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RR roth argon
RR LA gold crown
TR bobby donkey wash
SFAM lily
TR ricky (for a friend)
2 tops
RR kiedis xanex pink
RR snake roth

arghh..... i;ve been checking the mail slot like crazy everyday
damn canadian custom!!!!
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Rag & Bone RB6 and Nudie Wallet.
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WTH, two people waiting for Borax Kiedis. I have a pair that's lying useless in a corner. *jealous*
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After 1 pair of jeans from May-September....

COH North Pacific Kellys (trade)
TR Bobby Sunshines in a cool dark-ish wash
NYD Dojos (new pocket)

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what sz? maybe my friend would be interested in them
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owh im jelous your waiting for R&R xanax pink castellos im waiting for TR johnnys in DPE
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