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Are Seven7 Jeans and SFAM Jeans Same thing?

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Hi I was just wondering I know it may sound really stupid question but I was wondering and just trying to make sure are Seven7 jeans and Seven for all mankind the same company and the same jeans? I thought they are but I could be wrong anyone can help me just settle this real quick yes or no I would appreciate it. thanks
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No, they're not. Seven 7 came out 1st and one the the owners ( I think) from the company left and created Seven for all mankind.
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ok..maybe i'm an idiot..but does that mean 7 jeans and seven for all mankind are two different brands? do they both still sell in the stores?? any difference between them? sorry for the questions!
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Yup they're two different brands. Seven7 is sold at stores like Express and Lane Bryant and SFAM is sold at higher end stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc. There's a pretty big difference in the wash, quality and cut of the denim for sure.. you can tell them apart pretty easily. And there's a price difference as well w/ SFAM being a lot more expensive than Seven 7.

And don't feel bad, I bought my first pair of Seven7 thinking they were SFAM LOL.
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^^ Yeah, there is definitely a difference. I had a pair of seven 7 that I bought @ express, and the fabric was extremely stretchy and thin. I didn't like them. I only wore them a couple of times and they seemed to wash well. I like the quality of the 7fam jeans better.
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wow..good to know!! do they both carry the same names as far as wash? or totally different so at least you will know that it's seven or sevenforallmankind?
thanks!! you guys are such awesome help
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No, the washes are different. I just checked the lane bryant website to see if they were the same, and they aren't. I googled seven 7 and I came upon this website in which someone explains the differences btwn seven 7 and SFAM.
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are the seven jeans sold at macy's like the seven sold at express or the same as sfam?
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It's really not too hard to tell the two apart once you've seen both. Just look on the waistband or the tags for markings and you can easily distinguish between the two =)

7 for all mankind will have this written on the waistband (all the newer pairs will have a logo like this - the color can vary. Older pairs look slightly different)

And Seven7 will either have Seven7 written on the waistband or on little tags attached to the inner waistband.

You can search for "seven7" or "seven for all mankind" on ebay to see pictures of the two different brands. You can pick up on the differences pretty quickly from that.
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Seven7 jeans were made first in The 1960s. Then 7 for all mankind copied them and seven7 jeans sued them so they aren't even allowed to use the 7 or seven symbol on their name. Seven7 jeans are $100 cheaper than 7 for all mankind. The original jeans though are seven7 jeans but they got bit off of by 7 for all mankind which decided to stick to the higher end stores. They're both good quality the difference is $100. When seven7 jeans started adding different designs and swarovski crystals, 7 for all mankind copied them again and did the same.
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lol this thread is over 7 years old

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