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now i'm all confused.

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i bought these and i thought they were authentic. but now the seller has gotten 1 negetaive feedback since i recieved them. before that she had 100% positive. so tell me what you guys think based on the pics.

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I really have no idea??? I think the flaps look good but they distressing looks weird?
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here's 2 more pics
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I really not a TR expert, but those look real to me?
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Those look real to me too, thats Dark clearwater wash
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I agree those are real and are Dark clearwater. I have them too and love that wash!!!
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thanks guys
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did the seller get neg feedback for selling fakes?
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those look pretty good to me also. dark clearwater wash. what kinda of negative was it? were they stating the item was unauthentic or were they just unhappy
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Yeah I also agree, they look good. I always wanted clearwater but there are so much fakes out there. Im still curious what the neg feedback was about.
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theres alot of clearwaters on ebay, for awhile, they had them in rainbow. i saw quite a few
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O wait, I just looked at the pics closer now. I REALLY LIKE THAT JEAN!
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" LIAR! Thief!Took FAKE True Religions back,now they won't refund or return pants! " What are all the listings Private??? Thats shady.Jean might be real but i would stay away.
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If those pics are yours/those are the ones you recieved...then you have real jeans, as far as her negative, I would be leary to buy any more from her, just in case she is a Bait & switch.
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ooooh sounds really shady! you lucked out
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Those are definately real.
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