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Prada sneakers check.

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Bought it from Danielleboutique ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1 ) on eBay, I didn't knew Prada was made on ??Vietnam??. Fake?

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help! Need to feedback him or ask money back. There was I guy in here that knew a lot about prada( he was wearing a grail tee in his pic)
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vietnam? i tought they were made in italy
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me too
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I doubt that a fake would say made in vietnam.
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yeah but aren't they supposed to be made in italy?
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yeah it says made in italy but the ones he sent were made in vietnam, does that mean he sent him fakes?
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I've asked the seller
Here is the response:
promise you the new Prada sport shoes are made in Veitnam now. Beleive or not, I know it sounds crazy but thats the truth.

You can check with Prada and ask them to look inside the tongue of a Prada sport shoes and you'll see for yourself. I was shocked myself.

Thank you
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So, its real?
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Take it to a prada flagship store (Daslu in Brazil)
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No way...Only made in italy is real...Vietnam??? that's ridiculous...Prada doesn't want to be cheap...for sure...
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whoa, this authenticity check is hard huh?
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It's true, Sport Shoes now are made in Vietnam and Taiwan

"Dear Customer,

thank you so much for contacting Raffaello Customer's assistance.

We hereby confirm that Prada port line is made in taiwan and Vietnam"

Raffaello-Network confirmed it.
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So its real!
Prada really wants to make profit
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yay levi they are real thats good news
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Originally Posted by bogoio View Post
So its real!
Prada really wants to make profit
Sure they do, the only thing is that we never though that they would lower the quality of their shoes for it.
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