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dojo argyle (orange leather pocket)

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Hi there! I am not at all familiar with 7fam jeans and i've just made my first purchase through a friend.

It is a Dojo - NYD, Cut no. 703273. The pocket has an orange leather argyle patch. She claimed that it's authentic. Curiously, i did a search on the net but could find nothing like my pair, though i've seen on some auction sites a similar pair with the same cut number but a cropped version. Mine are full length jeans (bout' 31.5 inches?)

Would anyone be able to help me verify if such a model exists? And tips on how i would know if it's authentic/fake. Sorry I do not have pictures available yet.

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It exists, is a Bloomies exclusive model, and has been faked. This is not the common fake # though
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fake! 100%
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fake! 100%
????? Again, there IS an orange leather diamond pocket dojo style, and this ISN'T the common fake cut number. Not sure where you're getting this from
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Do you have the link? They're most likely real.
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Idalis is right. I saw those at Bloomies too however that was back in the beginning of this year (Jan or Feb). I have seen a ridiculous amount on ebay in the past two months which are completely fake. SO it really depends on which one your "friend" gave you. If you post some pics, we could give you a better answer.
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Do you mean these?

The ones featured in this auction may be fake, but I can vouch for them actually existing - I have a pair that I bought at Bloomingdale's last winter, and I love them. The cut no. on mine is 703272.
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Hi Idalis I could really use some help from you. My buyer just complained to me that the 7 for all mankind orange patch jeans I sent her were fake. Here is the STYLE #: U115ARG019U  WASH CODE: NYD cut number: 703273. She demands I refund her the full amount and then give her $10.00 more. I am certain that they are authentic. She said she had 1 pair that she bought way back 2005 and they were different from what I just sent her and they have the same cut number which makes it a clear counterfeit. I will be willing to send you some pictures if that would help resolve my problem. Thanks!

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Yes, please post some pictures! This style is very heavily faked and quite hard to find a "real" version of (though it's possible: I sold some a couple years ago)


and btw, idalis is no longer an active poster here (the thread you brought up is really old) but there are several of us here who really know our stuff re: authentication of 7FAM :)

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Please some pics and give the link from where you got this denim.Without pics its difficult to say anything !!!!!!


It may be faked as all said....Tell me is it something tagged on that orange strip for authentication ???????


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Always buy from authentic store, fake looks better sometime than original in first look

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