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^ Thank you Emerald! I loveee Love from Ya-Ya, what color did you get the Amore sweatshirt in? Or is there only one color *oops*?
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^ I've seen it in other colors but I got the blue one.

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- R&R Henley Benzils (FINALLY)... just when I was giving in for a Floyd it comes out from nowhere lol

- Nintendo Wii plus accesories
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joe's cigarette in daltry

dior sunglasses

juicy top for friend's bday gift
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I've been buying leg warmers lately

Talula Acrylic Wool Knee Socks in Dark Shadow

American Apparel Leg Warmers in Blue AP
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Recent purchases-
Zathan 86t
Zathan 70n
Drifter hoodie
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3 Hollister henleys for Christmas gift
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d&g jacket with removable quilted layer
d&g tee
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Originally Posted by denimcloset View Post
3 Hollister henleys for Christmas gift
which Hollister did you go to? because I met a bunch of people from Canada there over the weekend
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edit: returned
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I bought a Moleskine journal/notebook and my boyfriend and I bought matching North Face gloves (it's freezing over here!) and we also bought a bunch of snacks from a Korean market (i love waffle cookies!)
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North Face gloves.
Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel.
San Disk Compact Flash Ultra II 1GB memory.
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Thanaz 71J
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gold/black lace flats (aldo)
olive/fuschia flannel shirt (tna, aritzia)
printed empire-waisted button up (talula, aritzia)
white scoopneck l/s tee (talula, aritzia)
teal baby roll cami (propaganda, plenty)
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zathan 70L
zaf 796
uranium roths for the gf
and this mg hoodie
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A tannish-peach Wilfred top
A forest-green Mackage coat
Suano boots by Chinese Laundry.

And a shot of the coat by itself because it makes me that happy.
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oooo cowgurlbeebop I LOOOOVE that jacket it's way purdy!

Diesel Matic 88D
Marc Jacobs Dress
Marc Jacobs Skirt
Puma Mostro brown & purple
Puma t300 black and lavender
Puma 5000m fushia and purple
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i just won R&R copper jaggers off ebay for $79.99+$9 shipping and 2 s/s tees and 1 l/s tee from urban
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coach purple messenger duffle
nine west patent pumps
guess black top
guess white tube dress
puma hoodie
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Not today, but a couple days ago:
CAR Flynts
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starbuck's venti latte
orangina (lime)
8 oz pate
carrot cake
tomme de savoie cheese
finger cots
candied gooseberries
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wee in the morning - nona wilona boots for only like 44 bucks SHIPPED on sale at endless.com & price-matched thru zappos
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Today I bought....a 2007 Honda Civic! Exciting stuff, but I forgot to take a picture of me standing with it. Gonna take care of that detail tomorrow.
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