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nope, hafta click on it

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i click on it and it says " access denied".

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Originally Posted by Cez View Post

Pix don't do it justice, but its the same one DK copped a few months back. Got it at a steal and I couldn't turn it down. 






RO Object dyed grosgrain jacket


RO Object dyed grosgrain jacket

did you cop the medium from proteus? if so, it's gonna be huge in the chest. like an xl.

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I did. WTF? Small is too small and Medium is too big is there an Extra Medium?   I didn't want to take the risk of it being too small. I know you said it was cut awkward as fuck but damn.  

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I based on the measurements of the medium you had listed and it seem alright. Why do think it'll be too big? Maybe I'll revert back being a big fat dynamo. 

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small was only small in the shoulders, but chest was like a large. but it does taper down. the medium measurements i listed were only from seam to seam, not from the farthest ends. it was probably more like 24". and yea, you recent weight loss is not going to help lol.

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Actually, I think its fine. RO stuff is meant to be big in chest and slimmer in the waist. I still have huge pecs so I think it'll work out fine.


Plus I am only losing fat not muscle and I plan on putting on more lean muscle, mostly in the shoulders, chest and back, so I think I'll be okay.  



Jeez DK, I almost lost it for a second there.

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A lot  of  apples,and 3 pairs of MBT shoes.

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MTB's  are ugly as fuck and this is a fashion forum not a health forum. GTFO with this spam.







Is there a spam parade today?

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lol, didnt know that kitty...

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Lol, double post.


Where is the fricking delete feature?

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Finally got my Thanaz 8IW today. They'd been sitting at the post office for the last 2 and a half weeks while I was on vacation. They fit great :)


Will post pics soon

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I will buy a new jeans !

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let me guess you found  a bargain, which everyone can partake in if they follow that link in your sig? 

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first boo shirt. anxious to see how it fits.



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Love that color. What size did you go with, small?


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yea. typically a boo small would be too tight in the chest for me, but this is from a few seasons back when they were more generous.

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Damn you, DK. That is the one BoO color that I really want and can't find. I missed a couple in my size FS a long time ago and I haven't seen one since. Too bad you're not my size or else I'd pick it up off you if it didn't fit properly. How much did you get it for?


Beware how short the sides will probably be on you. People that aren't my height find that BoO is typically perfect in length in terms of front/back flaps, but the sides are so short that they show skin... which is even worse when you sit or bend or lift your arms. Depending on your proportions (long/short/regular torso?), you may or may not experience this problem. More than likely though, since you are so tall and wear a S.

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post a pic when you get it dk, I'm curious


never been a great fan of Boo shirts tho

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new thanaz 8SV in 29/32 :D

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feels strange to post on HF. but anyway


ann sneakers w6.jpg

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How much did you pay for those glorified Chucks?

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