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sent you a pm regarding that drkshdw grosgrain jacket over at SF.

Is it too small for you or you just not feeling the style anymore? I am interested in it do you think it'll be too small?
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Really wanted to post an RO jacket here....but

copped these instead.

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RO jacket? won in the lottery?

obviously not. Good buy anyways. Next on my raw list, as soon as at least one of my other new projects has significant wear and right after 07 UMC.

Those are hella sexy when trashed, btw. What size did you go with? Pics assap.
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I wish. DK has grosgrain jacket that i've been beasting over for a while. He had it medium for sale a while back which I let slip by and recently listed the same version in a small. Prolly to small anyways.
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Ah ok, this sounds affordable. Thought you were talking about a leather RO...
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As much as I love RO leather I could never bring myself to spend that much on clothes, unless I won the lottery of course
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I might be in the process of trading my Robert Geller leather (too big for me) for a RO leather.... I'll post pics of the jacket if this actually happens, keep your fingers crossed for me
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@Cez, slighly faded black RAWs? 19cm? size?
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cez, my bad for not getting back to you. i didn't log in like the whole day yesterday. i just replied to your pm over at sf though. take a look and let me know.
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thanks DK. I just replied to your pm.

Zden- black mij raws and yes 19cm. the seller says states they aren't faded and that its just the way the light is hitting them. i've heard these are really hard to fade so I'll take him at his word.

I think I am set for a while. Once I cop DK's drkshdw jacket I think i'll give my wallet a bit of a break.
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sorry i wana ask u about your old post.

 plz let me know.
 your MIJ raw best size is 28 and bulholland too?

Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
the only 19cm i've tried on in size 28 is mij raw, and it fit very snug.
me and tony are similar size in waist and thigh, and he's tried on soulmate, and mulholland in 28, so i know i need the same size for both. i'm also a 28 in most thanaz, so going by the diesel to dior sizing rule, my usual 19cm size is 28 as well.
 so now i have a plan to buy mulholland 19cm W31 w/t same size on MIJ raw W31.
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my comfortable 19cm size is 28, but i can size down to 27 on mij raw because they'll stretch more due to frequent wear. i'd get mulholland in size 28. i can probably fit 27, but it'll restrict movement.
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
Really wanted to post an RO jacket here....but

copped these instead.
Nice Cez - what waist size you go for?
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thx, for your info.

 i wana ask griffith size compared w/t raw who have both.
 i'll change thread.

 i know that depend on item condition and body line..
  and fan is not so many of griffith.
 so, nex month AW(FW)10 will be release..
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^ I don't like most of the colorways on Lanvin sneakers, but those are an exception. Where did you get them from? Are they black or a dark navy blue?
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look like dark navy. Lanvin sneakers have a sweet style in general
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Lol, I wanted to post those Lanvins in the Good finds section, but was already guessing that they are watched Good price!
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Found them on sufu...thought they were sold, there was a link to an ebay auction ended with bids. But on page 2 he reposted them.

I think they were a little expensive for such a simple design but I really liked them at first sight.

And yes, they are navy blue.
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i'm ninja'd out son.
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Pix don't do it justice, but its the same one DK copped a few months back. Got it at a steal and I couldn't turn it down. 






RO Object dyed grosgrain jacket


RO Object dyed grosgrain jacket

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can you see that? cuz I can't at least not when I post it. it shows up in the preview though.  

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