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Thank you so much hsensi. That makes me feel much better! There's hope that I can have these jeans after all. I got the 31s. Can't wait!
You are welcome! You can see in my picture on the Urban Cowboy thread how mine fit.. and that is my normal Joey size (2.
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....and mine are slightly big too. nat2bad also said the same thing.
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i'm still a non-straightlegger and plan on remaining that way...however, i never and will never bite someone's head off over it
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hensi...those look really good on you. They're a tiny bit big but they still look really great. Before it was you and I looked at the pics, I really liked you in your jeans. If I got 31, mine won't be big, but they'll probably fit, especially if they stretch out. How much do these stretch? Get the medium urbans jen1!
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Well... I found a pair of Billy Medium Urbans on Ebay this morning and impule purchased them! I am so psyched! ($175 shipped)..... I hope they fit smaller than the dark urbans b/c I got the same size....
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ooh-ooh. did the seller by any chance have anymore???
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no...there are only ever 6-8 pairs of Billys on ebay and they are all black or dark blue (lonestar) which I really didn't want. I asked Leesamarie and she said she would have some Billys in a few weeks but doesn't know what wash yet...
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