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somebody stop me!!!

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i am so in love with my billys, dark urban, that i simply want another pair of them in medium urban. standard style has them at the discount price for today only....so tempting, but my cash flow is not existant right now. Think i can get a better deal on them later? Also, i really like the straight leg jeans now. DO you think they will be in style at least a couple of years?(to justify buying another pair) or should i aim for joeys in med. urban? i msut have this wash, and soon......anyone want to give me some money?
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im looking for some billys i really like them!!!
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I bet you will be able to get them cheaper if you wait, but if you really want them, I say go for it
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I love how I mentioned several months ago about the straight leg jeans and that they will be seen and sold everywhere, and the preponderance of the girls here SWORE they would NEVER wear the straight legs..and yet, I am seeing more and more of the girls here LOVING their straight leg jeans and wanting more...I practically got my head bit off for suggesting that the flares were going out and straight legs were going to get more popular...

I love my Billy also and need more!...glad to see you are enjoying yours too Jen... !
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I will admit, Joan, that I was part of the doubters ~ I don't know if I actually posted, but I didn't think I could ever wear them! But, the more and more people who posted and looked good, I had to try ~ I like them, they aren't my favorite . . . but I can't wear skinny legs ~ EVER!!!
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Joan, do you think they will stay in a while? And do you think the flares are going out?
oh, and what Billys do you have?

I was one of them that said i wouldn't wear the skinny jeans for sure.....and guess what, got a pair of Gap ones in balck this last weekend(shock!) i can't believe it! but i guess i am hoping to get some boots to tuck them into.(oh, and i couldn't justify buying premium denim in these, because i do NOT love them)
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I read in an article a couple of months ago (i think in the ny times?) that straight and skinny legs would spread everywhere by December or January and would stay in vogue for two years.
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Originally Posted by jesrstern View Post
I read in an article a couple of months ago (i think in the ny times?) that straight and skinny legs would spread everywhere by December or January and would stay in vogue for two years.
Yes, I agree with this. That was sort of why I was saying for people to not overload on too many flares because of this. For some that feel the straight is too drastic, they should try easing into straighter legs by going boot cuts first for transition.

Skinny straight legs are absolutely in EVERY ad, on every celebrity, and where that goes, everything follows.

I have DKV Billy stretch, Mickey, SFAM Straight MNE, a Yanuk skinny straight leg in dark rinse, ESewn Decca. I am going to attempt a Julie...but I think I will prefer the Billy for sure. The stretch Billy is very narrow at the bottom. The darker the better IMO.
I am also going to give a try to making straight legs out of some of my other jeans. Not sure yet which ones I am going to experiment on..will keep you informed.

The Gap Black skinny I havent seen yet but they can't be bad. Also a good transition for someone that isnt sure of the style on them personally and doesn't want to drop bigger bucks on premium.
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Jen...I would not worry about your flares going out of style..Flare jeans have been hot for over 12 years...I think that skinny's will just be another option like bootcut and flares, the frenzy will die down once the celebs go back to a bootcut or whatever else is in store for denim....
I personally will never loose my flares i love them and they are flattering on so many women that they will not go out of style, just like a bootcut...I really do not think skinny's will stay as popular as long as say a bootcut just because so many women can not pull them off....I know a bunch of my girlfriends will not even attempt them...I think that will stop a load of consumers from buying them and even trying in the first place, which in turn leads to being not so popular once the celebs are done with them....just my 2 cents...
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^I agree. The really skinny legs will come and go fairly quickly IMO. Bootcuts are always a safe choice.

I tried on a pair of the J Brand REALLY skinny leg jeans and OMG....it felt like I was wearing leggings. I had a hard time get them up....and I have pretty skinny legs/thighs.

I love the straight leg though....Billys/Johnnys.

...just MY 2 cents.
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right. i am wearing Billys right now, love them and want more. there is a huge difference between these and the skinny legs that celebs are wearing... anyone can wear these.

and now i need some Johnnys too. =)
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^^ agreed...Johnny's and billy's are a straight leg cut right? Stella and julies are super skinny legs...
Anything that is less than a bootcut feels like a skinny leg to me, maybe that is because I am a chicken...haahahaaa...
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I actually love the Johnny's. I don't think they look so bad b/c they aren't skinny jeans. I only have one pair of those and I prefer them to Billy b/c I am trying to lay off on the flap pockets.
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i would love a pair of johnnys, but i can't seem to find a pair that has a high enough rise for me. the billys rise is perfect for me.
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J Brand makes a straighter leg (14") mid-rise jean, and acne jeans also have a higher rise. I love both of those.
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/\thanks. i will check them out.
oh, i was just looking at a pair of earnest sewn...anyone know anything about them?
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Jen ~ you can also try the Paige Melrose ~ Lauriebell just got a pair (I don't know if she received them yet, though!)
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Jen That is crazy that you ask...I just got a pair of the decca earnest sewns and a piar of the hefners to play with because they where only $22 at tj maxx, they are sooo comfy...the rise is a little high for me but sometimes I like a higher rise so I am keeping them...You should try the Earnest sewns you will probably love them!!! I bought them is size 26..which is a size down from what I would wear in a tight joey and they fit perfect!!!
So I think you can easily go one size down in the rigid earnests fit wise...on mine one is rigid and one is stretch....just in case you wanted to know...
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^ You got hefners for 22 bucks?! Way jealous!
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hmmmm, maybe i should look at TJmaxx first. i was looking at these: they are a straight leg.
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dang it! already sold out of 28's and 29's oh well....
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jen10...I have a question for you. I ordered the Billy Big T in Dark Urban from Revolve. However, my jeans got lost in the mail so they'll send me another pair. I'm normally 31 in Sammy, 32 in most Joeys, although I have one Joey in 31. I have the Big T Med Urban Cowboy Billy in 32 and they fit. Do you think I could get a 31 in the Dark Urban Billys? They don't have a size 32 anymore, so its accept the fact that they're lost, or try the size down. How much did they stretch out?
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pm'ed you, jeangirl
and yes, get the 31's, you will be fine, imo.
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jeangirl.. you will be fine with the 31s. I think that my dark urbans run big... I could have sized down from my normal Joey size, but I bought them from Sujin and she didn't have the smaller size.
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Thank you so much hsensi. That makes me feel much better! There's hope that I can have these jeans after all. I got the 31s. Can't wait!
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