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Hey darkarmour, maybe you can post some "before & after" pics. I saw your 'before' pic but I'm curious as to how they look and fit now. Do they fit better? Are they looser?
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Hi, sorry to revive this old topic, but i am now looking for these as my quest for thanaz has come an end (no, i didnt pick them)

so i want to know what size should i pick, these are my jeans and how they fit:

XR 796 w31 - pretty tight, but nothing uncomfortable, can still pinch a good amount of fabric
XR 796 w32 - a little loose, but its not hanging from my ass

i want the zathan 71j to fit inbetween these two, if not, not looser than the w32
any ideas?
should i stick to the same size?
just to clarify this too, for a 70c, should i get the same as the 71j?

thnx guys
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I hope they make 71j wash in a Lemmen or Levan next season, even a Viker, I love the wash, but don't want bootcut, and the Thanaz or Timmen would be far to tight on me (also not a big fan of the ass dragons)
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get kajos then
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^ thanks, I didn't know alot about the Kajo cut, but it sounds about right, I was searching and it doesn't seem to have as much contrast/distressing as the Zathan. Is this right, or was it just the one pair I found pics of?
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kajo 71j is pretty blue,smth like old zathan 71j

and holes are quite methodically done and tiny,some hate it (I do),some prefer
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For a first wear, that fit is golden.
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should i size down from a 70c?
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my 71J's have since stretched out... something like a full size. eh. I'll take pictures when I get my USB ports working.
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darkarmour, do u happen to own an XR or a zathan 70c?
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negative, strongerthanall. negative.
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but u sized down compared to your other zathans right?
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nope. I got em in 28x32, and they feel like a 29/32 now.

no big deal in the end, though. I'm not a huge fan of skin-tight thighs, anyway.
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hm.. damn, so what size should i get? should i go with my normal zathan size?
im very confused, im afraid theyre gonna be too tight for my liking
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strongerthanall, it really depends on your preference for fit.

If you stick with your normal Zathan size, the waist will eventually stretch out to the point where you might need a belt. The thighs won't be THAT much looser.

If you're afraid of tightness and you also don't mind using a belt, I say just stick with your normal zathan size.
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so, i want it to fit compared to my zathan 70c w31, so should i size down for these?
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thx hehehe.. sorry to be a pain..
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Where can I get those diesel zathan 71J now ? or what is a good replacement in case I can't find any?


Thanks for any help :)

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