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What R&R have you seen today?

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I always notice if people are wearing R&R, and I have no one to point it out to because I know my friends don't care. I know you guys care though

I saw a girl wearing red crowns today, and another wearing uranium berlins (HOT).

What did you guys see?
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I saw one with REALLY BAD FAKE crystal R's.
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I saw one girl wearing red crystal wickeds and a girl wearing fake roth rainbows in addict.
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i saw a girl in my bldg today wearing.... don't know the real name.... older style, red outlined R's, no crystals. authentic.
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None.. unless I count my boyfriend who was wearing his floyds, but I see him all the time
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Originally Posted by denimcloset View Post
I saw one with REALLY BAD FAKE crystal R's.
omg, me too! haha maybe it was the same girl

also, when I was lining up to go into Playland, I saw a girl with really bad fake VB crowns that were also really loose in the bum so quite ill-fitting..

when I went to hollister last week, a sales girl was wearing a pair of ivory radion roths.. didn't know they could wear non-hollister jeans there, but that's cool

and yesterday, my best friend showed me the pair of berlin skinny jeans she got in the methane wash - they are absolutely gorgeous *envy* lol
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a few days ago I saw a girl wearing yellow wickeds I believe it was. she looked hot in 'em!

I rarely see people in R&R around here
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crossmyheart - It seems as though everyone in Vancouver are buying a LOT of bad fakes these days. I wonder if they were oblivious that they were fakes or bought them knowingly. It gets on my nerves!! *sigh*
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I see a lot of Rock & republic jeans around on my campus, but I'm not sure if they're real or not. Most are some sort of roths (or the ones with just the Rs on the butt) and one person I know got a pair of crowns for $20 in Thailand..so those must be fake ;p
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hm.. this was a few days ago..
Saw a woman in fake south beach VB crowns. Considering this is Malaysia where premium denim is unheard of.. thats very good!!!
Topshop here is like the limit.. or maybe Miss Sixty. However... premium denim is starting to emerge.. but very very old styles in a new shop in the upscale (is that the word).. well more expensive area thats what I meant...
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I saw a lady wearing pink crystal crowns in crops - I couldn't tell if it was real or fake b/c I didn't want her kids to see me checking out her butt, but her LV was fake for sure, so can I assume that the jeans are fake as well?

I hardly ever see R&R being worn on people despite the fact that various places sell it.
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at my uni i've seen so many crowns (white, pink, pink with crystals, white with crystals, etc) and so many plain R's (red, brown, yellow, etc).

o/t but I've also seen a pair of rinse billys, so many dark vintage joeys/bobbys, and too many pairs of mne and the dne (is that right?) 7fam to count!!!!!!!!
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im in charlotte nc, and to be honest, I havent seen anyone is rock and republic. I have seen Sevens, but no r and r. ( until I go out )
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i NEVER see anyone wearing R&R
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I saw fake pink crowns today.
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i dont see hardly any R&R round here all i see is diesel, TR and sevens
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here in my area it's all sevens and citizens
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Yesterday I saw a woman pushing a stroller in front of my condos. I was driving so I couldn't really stare at her butt, but they were likely fake stevie chromas.
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i saw some real scorps on fifth ave today in nyc
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^^^That's funny. I saw a pair of fake scorps in Grand Central LOL.
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i've seen a girl wearing crystal vapors today. totally took my by surprise, because everyone wears sevens, citizens, and TR here.
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I saw a girl wear FAKE R&R crowns today at my school. Her crowns were icky and they had these nasty studs that didnt even shine and half of them werent even attached...i think she was the same girl i saw at the club 3 days ago too.
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I saw a girl in white crowns today at the post office. This is my second time to see someone in the crowns, but I haven't seen crowns with crystals yet.
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i have one question if neimans, saks, and nordie's in my area sell so many R&R where the hell are the people who bought all those jeans???? i see NO ONE wearing R&R in my area w/ the exception of a girl in R&R crops i saw like 5 months ago
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OK, I was at the gas station to get a car wash and I saw a lady (probably mid 30s) getting out of her car and she had on those fake rainbows where it looks like you peed your pants cuz it's all dark at the inside leg and all the way down. She was hella muffin topping in them too. I don't tell anyone unless I know them personally if they are wearing fakes... I don't want to get smacked!
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