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My altered vienna A's

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They were a tad too short for me, so I had my tailor turn them into straight legs. How do they look??

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I think they look great. Wash goes well with the color green!
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they dont look too short imo and they look PERFECT on you!
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Ooh those look great! Very cute outfit. Love the colors.
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Can't even tell they've been altered...they look great as straight legs!
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they look great with those adorable shoes...
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they look great! they dont even look to short! =)
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Thanks everyone When they were flared, you could definitely tell they were too short...With them tapered in, you can't really tell 30.5" is my usual flats length, these are 29"
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That's a great idea! I never thought to turn flares into straight legs. I think I might do that to a pair of mine
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those look awesome, Ive been so tempted to do that, just too scared...Im afraid I would ruin my jeans...I may try it.
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Looking good!!
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You look GREAT in them!
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They look great
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they look SO good on you!
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What a great idea!! They look sooo good on you.
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such a pretty pair of jeans on you and cute shoes too!
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You wear them really well I like them!
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i adore that outfit, especially the colors. that soft green is so nice with that wash!
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they look awesome!
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Cute! Love the outfit. I have the same comfy shoes in the tan color, love them!
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Those look SO GOOD! Love the outfit too!
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THey look great. You look so cute!
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Wow, your tailor did a great job! I'm still looking for a decent tailor around here to take in a pair of mine in the waist
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Looking awesome in the A's, BabyJ!
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