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Just to clarify as well, I have sold a few pairs to @ bombchuchart and he has always been a good person to deal with. He has contacted me via the forum and personal email.

I cannot comment if this user is the same as the ebay seller, but that link for the Shioner 801A is being sold by ebay user dieseldirtynewage. I have bought from a guy called fxxkbomb and they must be the same seller as the photos of the jeans are the same as is their location. Again, the jeans I bought were 100% legitimate.
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@leftvapor he is most probably the same person but changed his username, maybe due to lots of negative feedback (?) i dont know. but like you said, hes always been a nice person to deal with

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Yes due to negative feedback he changed his name..he sold me some jogg jeans and a denim jacket and they were fake.. I don't sell jeans or anything
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Its not the same person aramis..
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Why caps lock???
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How do you know its him..I know 100% he is not a member on here..why u caps locking me and so angry.
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Leftvapor you are right its the same guy...however he sells jeans using the same pictures and they ship in plastic bags...I'm just letting people know to be careful that's all..I did not really expect the abuse.

The guy on ebay is not a member on here.
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Hey guys,


I have posted my boots on ebay and in the marketplace. I am selling the brand new cassidy boots in Black.


If your not in the market for boots, I am willing to exchange them for anything that is currently in the store.


I have about $330 worth of credit and will give 15% off, so basically you will get $330 value for around $280


Lastly I will include the receipt from the actual store to confirm authenticity/ or I can go in the store with you


Please let me know if anyone is interested



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What do you think about this seller? Has anyone bought a pair from him?


This guy sells some jeans in a very good price. i'm interested to buy a pair,but i'm just wondering. give some help

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Hi friend,
Roy25 wrote here that he bought from this seller and got a "cheep" jeans, and finally he returned them.

Read more about it on the theard "shioner 74y question".

This seller is alexkiko from France.

If you want to buy - ask for real pics. if he don't want to send pics - dont buy it.
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oh really?Is he alexkiko? Yes i read about him but there is another user alexkiko available on ebay. And how the hell he's got 100% positive feedback?

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probably because not everyone is like a lot of users in here who know exactly all the details that distinguish a faulty pair from a good pair

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uh that's the starting bid dude. lol

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What's funny about it ?
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well the way you posted it you made it sound like they were $10, but that's the starting bid and highly unlikely you'll get them for that price!

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The way you posted your comment is like you mocking my post. In my opinion Thavar for $10 is a great find, even if its starting at that price. I don't think it's funny in anyway. You might have more knowledge in diesel than me but I was only trying to help the blog.
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I think it is a good find.. and I wouldn't be surprised if no body bid on the auction and it does end pretty cheap.  Keep them coming guys.

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dude simmer down i wasnt mocking you at all. just saying it's unlikely you'll ge those jeans for $10

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Jeans fight!!! Lol
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wow - that is a great find considering how much this pair retails for!

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