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I am sure some one posted already but I wuv these guys ^_^ rolleyes.gif



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Diesel Gift Card $200 on ebay (USA only)


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I have a 10% Diesel.com unique code coupon that expires May 15th. PM me from details. I am willing to sell it. (can put on ebay if you like)


Update:Code still for sale


Update 2: Its on ebay $55...$5 dollars off ebay (just minus the commission fees) if we go through paypal directly

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Anyone know this Pair!??? Thavar SR088 in 28x32.. what wash is this never heard of it before, nor can find much on google.



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i dunno but i wanna snatch em up out from under you! (i promise i won't)

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Autodafe no go for it, would love to see your post fit pix...  I just bought a Nudies Thin Finn dry black waxed for $70 so i'm really excited about that pair right now.. been looking for a new pair of black jeans that's not so ordinary; and what's better than pair of wax coated jeans....


next pair in the line up would most likely be a Thavar 8Y9 for me... I did just found a Braddom 881z 28x30 tho. but its pricy at $300.

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Guys, check it out.. Larkee 8C0 made in Italy. start bidding 69.99$. I guess it's not bad price.




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Hey guys i didn't know about this wash ! looks great it's still on aunction at a nice price tho http://cgi.ebay.fr/Diesel-Safado-8YF-W38-L34-Jeans-BNWT-270-VERY-RARE--/280990557552?pt=FR_V%C3%AAtements_pour_hommes&hash=item416c57a570

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it's still available because of size ;-)

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If anyone is looking for decent jeans on the bay then this seller seems pretty good. Just bought a pair off him so will let you know if they are genuine, but they look it and he swears they are.




Let me know what you think.

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