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^^ Those are from Cez

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Found some classic stuff on ebay germany:




Several epic Diesels like Rihoma, Rotuck, Farco etc... looks legit, too

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Again very classic staff in rare sizes on ebay germany:



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Bought a Thanaz 8fc in good condition for only 25€ some days ago ;)

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I have some Diesel, True Religion and 7 For all Mankind jeans I am trying to sell.




Diesel: Matic 008LL
Liv 008FC

True Religion: Stella Skinny

Joey Black Diamond

7 For all Mankind: Roxanne

Straight Leg


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not a good find on ebay (although i have gotten lot of good stuff from ebay as of late including a bnwt zatiny 71J for 120 dollars shipped)


i ran across a pair of safado in a really nice med blue wash (4 digit wash code) at marshall's the other day.


79 bux and i had a 25 dollar free gift cert so i paid only 63 bux including tax. nice 31x32 fit.

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104€ For a NWT Thanaz 72l in size 29x32.

What dou you think? Good deal?

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Check authenticity, and if it have nice inky spots then 104€ its a super deal:)

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It's authentic for sure.

I'll post some pics if I have them.

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Thanaz 71J (30/34)




I need some advice from the experts here... What about the condition of these? Worth buying?

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They are nice, worn but still in good condition.

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I don't know if I'm allowed to post my own stuff, but I'm selling a bunch of Diesels right now, mostly brand new with tags, and all at really good pricing if I may say so myself. icon_smile.gif  Got a bunch of Viker, Larkee, and Quratt, then a handful of others like Zatiny, Zathan, Zaghor, Larkee, Safado, etc.  Also have a couple pairs of TRBJ up.  A couple random Diesel women's things mixed in also.



Edit: I suppose a link might be useful. :P  http://shop.ebay.com/crimson_altruist/m.html

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^ authentic

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I've been using a new tool to find jeans on craigslist. The problem with craigslist is usually that there aren't enough options in your area to make searching worth while, but my friend turned me on to this new service called craigslistier (http://craigslistier.com) that lets you search in as many cities as you like for denim, I've found it really helpful, what do you guys think? 

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