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finally i've just got these:

DIESEL THANAZ 8AA JEANS 31X34 31W MEN SLIM STRAIGHT 31 su eBay.it Jeans, Men's Clothing, Clothing, Shoes Accessories

i tried to go to 2 different Diesel stores but no thanaz at all to try on... so i've decided to go with my usual size because of my growing thighs/calves: hope to fit well

btw no thanaz at all in stores is quite strange
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classic wash, nice pair
I hope you went with the right size, but if you don't want a too skinny look, they could work

and remember to ask your mom what stacking is in Italian lolol
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dope. i love mines. should cop a back-up pair. definitely hope you sized down.
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what a shitty fake!
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yup, they didnt even try to make it look authentic

ooh, my bad, awesome back pockets x)
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any idea who the seller is?

He using DB pics. I wonder if he is a member.
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aw he doesnt ship elsewhere
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Mail him, some people just forget to add international shipping.
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Yep, i have thanks!
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careful on that one- only stock photos^
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Yehh, should request for actual item pics
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Thanaz 8AA just arrived! They're great!!!!
Now I just have to wear them and post pics on WDAYWT, but it will take some time because i'm quite unable to take decent photos

i've asked my mom what stacking is in Italian... it was a funny dialogue, she repeated "si dice che sono troppo lunghi!!!" ("you say just that they're too long!!!") lol
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hahah lo immaginavo!
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^ nice $500 USD find ahahaha 73j -_-'
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I have a pair of BNWT Thanaz 73J 28x34, I purchased them knowing the inseam was too long but the stack is a little too extreme. I ebayed another pair of 28x32 and am happier with the length. Im going to put the 28x34 up...should I put it up here or ebay them
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ebay, unless you're looking to be nice and help out someone here. No harm in listing both places though either
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Originally Posted by alsdudgh View Post

motherfucker, they are, that bastard, he's going to turn me into the new zac efron!!!
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he making loot off you. better get on that or at least ask for some royalties.
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You can have his auction taken down by filing a complaint with ebay. He has to have your permission to use those pics
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