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^saw them as well, but looks like it is very used and destroyed...look at the knee!
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plus the guy looks like he's trying to cover up other problems with the way he positioned the jeans in the pics..
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Lately i noticed that some hf members were looking for the Diesel Thanaz 71b...
maybe that auction will end your search

Diesel Thanaz 71b 73j neu bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 18.04.10 19:04:29 MESZ)
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^thanaz 71B is an epic pair
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fuck. I normally wear 32 in thanaz, will these be too small for me?
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If you wear your raw ddg in a size 32 as well those wont be too small.
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Sweeeeeeet.I am about to insta-cop.
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Cez, I got my standard Thanaz sizing in 71B and they fit slightly slimmer than the others I have in that size(8gz, 73H, 73J, 71J, 72L), but not to the point I would want to size up- if anything, they fit a little better cause of it. enjoy your 71B's, they are a sweet pair fo sho
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Good. I like my thanaz more on the fitted side. Nuts to that absurd Efron basturds fit.
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^ good luck, you will love your 71B!
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Just waiting to hear back from the seller. I hope he does not back out as I have already gotten my hopes up. Now all I have to do is track down a pair of Thanaz 8dk.
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too bad none in 32x32. I should have copped of Binary when I had the chance.
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there's 32x34, stacking looks sweet on 8iw, check sushi's pics for reference. I'm looking for a L34 pair myself.
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problem is that 8IW pairs are so different. it's a good deal and I'm tempted to cop a pair in W32/L34 but it would be so dissapointing to have a pair in the right size with a fucked up look.
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^contact the seller and request pics of the 32/34 pair.
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careful^ that's a repost. The seller bids on his own auctions with different accounts to boost the value up. I would just avoid it entirely unless you're willing to spend a pretty penny on them
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^And the pair is freakin' washed out.
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ehm, just posted cause I remember some members were searching for them. I got one in my size so wasn't about to bid but anyways thanks for warning
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