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its over now, so not much use alerting ebay. ask NBM I guess.. just another reason anyone who puts the time in to take quality pics for ebay selling should watermark their shit; not that I ever bother to, but I had to report a guy last week for ripping off my Zatiny 8UP pics I had listed- ebay closes that shit right down
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^ ROFL, unisex jeans, and the guy posted worn pics of lowky/matics!! xDD
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oh god, unisex jeans my ass...
close up pic of Matic back is actually hilarious buhahaha

levislad couldn't have done better
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Lol, yeah. Good eye. Btw. I know this guy: after having decided to keep my Thanaz 71J, he kept on mailing me asking me selling it to him. Last offer I refused was 250 Euros... I know he found the one he is selling now shortly afterwards and wonder why he is selling it only a few months later...?

I should mail him to get the pics removed, though. Or report it to eBay... But I am probarbly too lazy atm.
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oh god

what's the point in stealing other people's fit on jawnz? I don't get it

other than providing nice fit pics obiously hehe
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take it as a compliment
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^no homo
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SS10 safado-8XZ

NEW JEANS UOMO DIESEL mod.SAFADO col.8XZ Tg.W29 (43) su eBay.it Jeans, Uomo Abbigliamento, Abbigliamento e accessori

simple wash, but i like.
muuu, lost W31...
how about who vote 8XZ on this topic !?

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Diesel Denim Gallery Raw Thanaz, size 32, but runs small, fits Diesel size 30-31

Diesel Thanaz, DDG, blue indigo RAW, W32 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 27.02.10 20:14:16 MEZ)

Btw. why are you selling them Such a great piece and one of my all time favorites made by Diesel. I guess I would even buy another one in new condition in my size, if I ever saw them again.
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^ I worn them maximum 2 times only, maybe because of the inseam (as Tricky wrote somewhere, if they are L34 I wouldn't sell them).

Btw. I'm currently overloaded by jeans and need to sell some of them, so I choose not-worn pairs (Slammer 71J, Slammer 71B and RAW DDG Thanaz). But it's strange nobody asked about items for sale when I put them on HoMall. But whey they are Ebayed...
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I dont really watch the mall regularly, too much ripping off going on there + scarcely any itmens I am interested in. On eBay I have a lot of search agents running, very comfortable.
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I just won Viker 8IN from an eBay seller named Treasurehoard, has anyone had experience with this seller?
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^ Legit, and overpriced sometimes, but has some good denim again sometimes.

Check out Authentic forum, he's a Mod in there.
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cool, I ended up getting them for 91 so I don't think i spent too much...
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^ Thanaz looks like 8IE. Great price for a very decent black pair. I'm tempted to cop, but I already have 3 black pairs. but none with a Thanaz fit, hm...
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Is $150 worth it for thanaz 72c new without tags? And should I go with my 8iw size?

This pair:

Flickr: denimtogo's Photostream

Doesn't seem to have as much dirt at other pairs I've seen.
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I'm not a fan of 72c, but it really depend on how much you like them and how often you would wear them. IMO, 150 is not a horrible price to pay.
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^^ Size down at least one from your 8IW size. 72C runs around one size big.

If you dont cop, would you tell me the contact details of the seller. I might be interested as well.

Btw. denim, treatment and wash is great on 72C. Imo one of the great Diesel washes.
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Damn already copped. It was an ebay auction but I made an offer and he accepted it. I asked him for measurements and he said waist waist 30, thigh was 18. sounds like bs because that would be tighter than my 8iw, we'll see. btw, check your pm.
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Checked, thanks!

Good luck, I hope it fits anyways.
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