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Some really sweet NDC oxfords w/ a really low start. I'd be all over them if they were a uk 8.5 maybe even 9.

New $425 CoSTUME NATIONAL Black Oxfords 43 10 11 - eBay (item 230424428539 end time Feb-13-10 16:53:34 PST)
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PS york boots size uk8/us9. Still a fairly low bid w/ less than 6 hours to go.

Mens Paul Smith York Boots - UK 8 - eBay (item 110485645073 end time Jan-31-10 08:40:22 PST)
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Must be an old model, toe is more pointy than actual yorks...

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I think it's just how the pic was taken
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yeah, they have been on a ebay for quite a while
but this is a great discount

little flaw on the side tho
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Yes. I noticed that. I would insta-kop nonetheless, if only they were a tad darker. Too much of rust tone for my taste.
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^ Oh yeah, thats my size, do you know if he has in W38 too ?
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No, sorry.
But feel free to ask him, he´s very kind.
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^ Zo was joking in size of Slammer 71J, IMO . But I can confirm seller is great!
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Yeah, I got my Thanaz 73H from him. He cut off the tag inside that listed the cut, wash and lab though
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Zo was joking in size of Slammer 71J, IMO
How should i know...
Maybe your a big guy.
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
is this shoes Ben put on bellow pic?


OMG.. sold out!!

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yep, they are
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you need to list these in the mall, there is no self promotion in this thread. Be sure to include the details above in the mall listings
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thanaz 8GZ pop up VERY RARELY, this is not one of the best pair I've seen though

DIESEL Thanaz 8GZ 29 x 30 $300 S/S 2008 EXCELLENT - eBay (item 190372157317 end time Feb-17-10 18:56:58 PST)
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oops... ok. posting in the mall. dang sorry. first post. >.<
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is this auction from someone on the forum? the pics are from an HM listing

*NEW Diesel Zatiny 008AR Jeans 30 x 30 *Retail $220** - eBay (item 300397343551 end time Feb-21-10 17:33:12 PST)

here's the HM listing, the ebay name's don't match up... http://www.honestforum.com/mens-30-3...8ar-30x30.html

guess I shouldn't bid?
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