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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
lol, thats treasurehoard and he usually lists item for a ridiculous amount of $$. guess times are tough.

If you browse through you'll see he still has some that are pretty outlandish, but the 772s are what caught my eye...
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Cez, is your avatar from Gobots? I know I've seen it somewhere but completely sure
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lol, no. The image is of the planet devouring demi-God Galactus and is taken from one of the final panels of one my favorites comics of all time "the last Galactus story" printed by Marvel/Epic Comics

At the virtual End of the Universe, Galactus is confronted by a Watcher. This Watcher turns out to be the same one who witnessed the "birth" of Galactus in our universe. The Watcher (not Uatu) was eventually driven mad by the accumulated guilt he feels for the acts of Galactus. He has been trying to move galaxies to somewhere Galactus cannot find them, but has been destroying them in the process. Galactus and the Watcher battle -- a huge cosmic confrontation that stretches over centuries, as the universe falls into near total entropy. Finally, to defeat the Watcher, Galactus sucks all the remaining energy out of the Universe. Nothing is left but Galactus and his loyal herald, Nova. Realizing at last what his purpose is, Galactus cracks the seal on his suit, starts to remove his helmet, and in that instant all the energy he has absorbed explodes out of him. He becomes the "big bang" of the next universe, and when the smoke clears, we see Nova has been reborn, as that universe's Galactus.
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Laderrymo size M priced to cop. I forget if this has that corny logo detail... methinks not.

Diesel Laderrymo Slim Fit Gray Leather Biker Jacket M - eBay (item 130355057100 end time Jan-03-10 17:58:53 PST)
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^ yeah, for 61E at this stage is crazy, half price.... may be.
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If I remember well, there were lots of posts in Wanted section about Slammer 71J, so here you have a chance:

Slammer 71J 30x32
DIESEL SLAMMER Jeans Art 71J 30x32 EUC NR on eBay (end time 21-Jan-10 04:01:39 GMT)
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^Yep, Darnoc's Viker 8GZ, sweet pair.
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8GZ is really a great wash, I'd consider them if they were L32...
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yeah it's the first slammer that caught my attention

your thanaz 71B would be better, tho
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^ I'm so glad I copped a pair of Viker 8GZ on yoox a few month ago. Great pair, I think it will be the only Viker for me
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some worn pics?

I'm curious to see how viker looks on a "usual thanaz wearer"
never tried them on because I'm afraid they will be to "baggy" for me
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^ I also wear Cardiel, but not much often.

will post some 8GZ pics when I wear them the next time...
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^What's the condition of those? washed? Sorry, don't speak the language.

NVM, found out from listing on HM.
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It says, worn very good condition. Nothing about wether they are washed or not.
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^Yea they were washed once, that's probably why the lap is so clean.
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Diesel Kratt 796 32W

Diesel Industry Denim Gallery Washed Blue Jeans 32 - eBay (item 220543505986 end time Jan-29-10 19:16:10 PST)

I have these. Used to wear them every freakin' day (back in the day)
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the nice thing about that pair (if they were bought at the gallery that is) is that you can take them in and they will launder them for you there
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plz let me know how 2 make list of searching from size of Waist,Length
 from this thread.

so i want to find out these keyword
like as eBay...
if this thread outside from DIESEL
 like as http://www.honestforum.com/wanted/
i can use google... to find item from these key word...

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