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Originally Posted by mannequin View Post
Just curious, why do you think they are fake? I know it isnt the best picture, but I enlarged it and matched them against my authentic pair of 8AA Slammers and the details match (including busted zippers )

I didnt even know there were fake 8AA Slammers out there in the first place though
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^care to post the pictures of yours?
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^Sure thing. Mine are a bit more worn out than the other pair obviously.

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you can buy those and dispute the shipping cost with ebay- they will force the seller to change shipping costs
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yeah a "clever" way to avoid ebay commissions
not the first time I see this trick
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They are too small for me and I don't want (have time) to re-sell it... But some waist 30 guy will have it very cheap (in Darnoc way )
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That probarbly wont work. Only way is, if your within the EU and go all the way with a lawyer. As there is no way eBay can force him to sell and then really ship them at one Pound and low shipping. Deleting his account might not be enough of a threat compared to loosing 150 Pounds.

Even though you sign a contract by listing/bidding within eBay, the way through court is unlikely to work as well. The seller can still say he lost/damaged/whatever the item...
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I have seen it done to a guy I know who tried to charge 20 in shipping for a special bicycle decal and 2 dollars for the actual item. The buyer received it in the mail, then uploaded pictures of what the actual postage cost stated on the package in a dispute and paypal reversed the difference from my friends paypal sellers account. It takes like a month for them to reach a decision, but paypal/ebay hates that sellers are trying to scam them out of their final value fees..
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^ Price is insane, curious to know if sb will put this price!!
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someone will pull the trigger, I'm quite sure
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Not ebay, but asos... Grab Zatiny 88Z only for 42 pounds!!!

Diesel | Diesel Zatiny Slim Bootcut Fit Jean at ASOS
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^I don't even wear mine...
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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

72H I think
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DDG Raw Thanaz, size 33, BNWT !!!!!!

Very reasonable price!

Diesel Denim Gallery DDG-Thanaz Raw Jeans-ONLY1 ON EBAY bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 15.12.09 18:45:41 MEZ)

Darnoc, is that your auction? Selling to replace with those coated Clawmarks?
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Aw man I was actually trying to cop those off him, better send him a pm.

Trouleg 8bi 32x32

Diesel Mens Trouleg Low Rise Slim Boot Dark Jeans 32 32 - eBay (item 110466450655 end time Dec-12-09 12:34:12 PST)
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^^ Btw I dont think that they are really BNWT, but in only slightly worn and faded condition.
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Yeah, I've worn them about 5 times- no wear, never soaked or washed. Just a slight color fading at the hems (very slight) and the start of some honeycombing at the back of legs. These are Cez's now BTW.

I just didnt care to go into that detailing on ebay.. you're lucky Cez, just had an offer for 225 too.

I would need a pair of 31's or 30's in these- just too big in the waist for me. Yes, the Coated Claws will be a nice replacement I saw your pair Vonwitzleben, but I'd prefer a newer pair, like drwavedawg's.. which I may just grab too. gotta sell some more stuff first
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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post
Originally Posted by vonWitzleben View Post
72H I think
I don't think it's 72H, they have different backpocket...
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they're not 72H
but I don't know what wash could be...

edit: got it it's OR72J
said in the auction in Q&A
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