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hehehe clear your MAILBOX
*psst* daisy duke pics-LMAO
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Originally Posted by Hera View Post
hehehe clear your MAILBOX
*psst* daisy duke pics-LMAO
Ohhh...Man...I was off hf for a few days and I am almost missing pics of your hot legs...
Danyel please send them over...It is all clear now....Girl I am dying here, you must send soon...heheheheeee......
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BTW...You look fabulous in your avatar Danyel...You are beautiful...
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LOL- thank you Mel.....you are also my Beautiful friend!!!

Oficially have sent my pics Noone has seen my legs and arse that close...BWUHAHAHAHA!!!
Love ya Melanie!!!
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Hey, i wanna see too
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PM'd ya Jen
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she looks AMAZING!!!
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yes she does!
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hottie!!! look great!! good job mel!!
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Thanks Mel & Jen!!!

Jeff!!!! WTH?!??!!!? LOL
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im new to TR may i see? please
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Don't forget me danyel!
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OKAY, this is up for a limited time ONLY, I am weird about shorts...okay*biting nails*
Please excuse my messy bathroom

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oh wow, those look hot, check out the legs on you you look great in those, you can stop biting nails now lol
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I was going to ask you to PM me too hehe. But wow, those are hot on you!!
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hehehe Joan & Lisa look up
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Those look great! You should definitely wear them as much as possible before the weather starts getting cooler!
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you have really nice legs! you definately shouldn't hide them. I am jealous! I only wear shorts like once a week, even in this heat
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you are way HOT, Hera!!


Your legs are freakin gorgeous.
I am so jealous
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WOWSER again!!!!
See told ya...
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Good Grief Hera... Can you get anymore gorgeous..Sheesh. Major girl crush alert
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Thank you Everyone, it really is appreciated

hehehe Christine, I will just have to come to NC one day
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WOW!! HOT!! No need for nail biting.....
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You look great!!!
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