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Confession: I'm in correspondence with levislad and, to be honest, it's warm to the touch.
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^Warm to the touch? Sounds homo
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fuck tuesdays....i cant sleep and feel like saying something:

um, uhhhh, hi.
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^I'm with you Julz.

My confession: I just had a really great conversation with someone into the wee hours of the morning, lol.

And by "great" I mean totally random and about nothing at all really
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^ I'm glad it was as good for you as it was for me, ryan
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What a couple of floozies.
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I guess we should now expect an upcoming Spence, and Ryan joint WAYWT post. And of course it will be complete with a vaseline lense, and gazes into each others eyes!
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^You're gonna have to wait for my Vegas trip for that one, Danny
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Originally Posted by *Tee* View Post
Confession: I'm in correspondence with levislad and, to be honest, it's warm to the touch.

Tee....you'll have to stop sending me photos like that!!
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im horny.

this might be a reason for my posting everywhere. :-/
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I was in NY last weekend for a few college interviews.....and I totally flirted with the admissions counselor at one of them well two but anyways I was hoping to increase my odds of being accepted. I am 27 she was in her mid twenties and was obviously interested in much more than the ....um...interview. BTW she was really cute. I didn't tell my GF because a) she the jealous type and b) I probably wouldn't ever have the heart or guts to seal the deal but it's for good cause......I think right?
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I think Dee is cute.
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^Haha you almost got me there danny! I was gonna agree with laurie, but nevermind...
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keep your eyes off!!

he's mine!!
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I got a semi-erection when I saw that one of HF's hottest ladies had +1'd one of my posts disparaging Republicans.
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^ Must have been a dream. Sevs would never "+" something like this...
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just found out that another one of my friends is going to be a father, but he's being deployed to Iraq on September 1st so he won't be able to see the birth of his kid... so 2 close friends of mine are going to Iraq soon, the other still has to finish training before he's shipped off..and the latter has a kid also..

I'm just completely and utterly shocked right now, just...IDK...just...huh..Good luck to them I suppose
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^I wish them all the best in Iraq, and I'll continue to pray for our soldiers.
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and I hate thinking this way, but this makes five good friends of mine, that I know of, that are in the military and if this war doesn't end soon, they'll all be deployed there...and I absolutely hate the idea of loosing more friends...I know it's not likely, but there's always a chance you know..

I just don't want to loose any friends that I have made...especially when now, out of the 13 or so years I've had an actual friend, I have actually kept in touch and made an effort to continue being there...I just hate the idea...
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tonight i told her i love her but i dont.
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^ And so did she.
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Used the force, the young Jedi did.
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it was heavy shit.

if you've ever seen The Prestige, it was nearly like that..im pretty sure she knew i was lying too : /
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