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Got my China Flynts - Pics

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I traded my Windsors for these. Honest opinions please... I won't be offended!!! Does my butt look square??? Or too big?

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Those look fantastic on you!
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Love them look awesome
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ohh very pretty ..flynts always look so good
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I love them! That wash is beautiful ~ definitely keepers
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They look good.
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Thanks guys! I feel better now
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Girl, your butt does not look square or huge! Don't be silly! Wear those and feel HOT, 'cause you are!
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^^thanks E!! and thanks for the trade they are really comfy!
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Originally Posted by bombon99
ohh very pretty ..flynts always look so good
I agree!!!! You made a good trade!
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They fit you perfectly! I have a pair but they are too big. They are sitting in my closet but too pretty to let go...*sigh*
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those look awesome on you, they make your butt look good!
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oh wow...awesome fit. they look great!
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Looks awesome! I have these too and I love the wash.
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Ooh, look awesome! I just got some too (thanks leici ), can't wait to get them!
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Square butt? NO! Slim yet Shapely butt? YES! You look super in them.
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those look great! you have such a tiny waist!
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hotness - i want!
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