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How do you girls think about donkey rainbow? :)

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Question in the title! do you like the wash? I have my eyes on a pair of these in Bobby style....but unsure if they look flattering in person...
As you all know, I'm looking for some Sunshine rainbow desperately, which one do you prefer? Should I keep money for Sunshine's????
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I don't like the donkey wash that much, i would wait for the sunshines
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Go for the Sunshines!! Donkey wash is too boring IMO
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Def. wait for sunshines.
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I know....but Sunshine is never showing up in my life...

My dream pair is those Sunshine bobby in Saddleback, soooo pretty , hehe....
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If you like the donkey wash I say go for it and get the saddleback rainbows when you find them too.......I personally did not like the donkey's on me, but have seen them look good on others...
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Hmmmm, you're so bad lol! i planned only to get one of them , and now you make me want them both...

Donkey should be cute for Winter imo, with some dark colored shirts... aaaaah, can't decide....
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I have the donkey bobby's and joey sunshine saddlebacks.

I like the sunshines alot more. I am just not a Bobby girl...
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Oh in my avatar I am actually wearing the donkey's..
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I agree Petite...the donkey's will be great for winter...
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I like the donkey wash ~ I love dark washes
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Ah, lvly, the pic is small, but from what I can see, they look great! i have just bought too many jeans (5 pairs in mail ) , and I'm still looking for a pair of TR rainbow and SFAM A pocket....I only have money for 2 pairs for the moment now...

I'm too afraid if I get donkeys, if ever sunshine pops up I'll have no enough money for them... on the other hand if the sunshine never pops up, I won't have my donkey's either... aaaaaah, dilemma!

Please someone help me find a pair of Sunshine saddleback bobby quick quick quick!!
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i know the donkeys are at the rack alot (at least they were last time i was there) ..

the sunshines!! those are soo hard to find in that wash imo for less than retail ...

i'm still on the hunt for sunshines in rinse wash!

i agree the darker will look really nice for winter ... especially with the color of the rainbows ... get both! hehe
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Sunshine in Rinse???? Those must be nice!!!!! have never seen them before? Any pics or links?
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Here is a link to the rinse rainbows...I have seen them at a few online stores..
Here is another link to couturecandy...they have them too
Maybe you could wait for a good coupon code...
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Those are nice! but i'd still love a pair of saddleback first!

iluvshopin, i live in Europe, not all the online shops ship overseas, and we have to pay custom charge... if i ask someone on here get the jeans for me then ship them to me, it's a lot of trouble for the person too... so my best solution is still find a pair from someone on here or from Ebay...
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Ohh...I am sorry...
Do not worry the saddlebacks will find you...
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Beautiful Sunshine rainbow saddleback bobby, i'm here, come and find me...
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I got the donkeys for $84 at NM. But I also saw them at Off 5th for a bit more. If you want me to check for you I can go tomorrow...
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I wore my donkey today. I like them. You need both. Cannot compare apples with oranges.
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lvly, it's so kind of you...but I think I'll wait for Sunshine showing up somewhere..... I still like those more ...
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I love my Donkey rainbows, I say get them!!!!
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Aaaaa, you girls make me spend $$$$$$ The pair I have my eye on , seller wants a lot for a bin.. I like those, but won't pay more than 120$ shipped for them..... but for Sunshine bobby, I'll be more generous lol!
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Don't know what size you are in the sunshine Rainbows, but here is a pair in the HM... http://www.honestforum.com/showthread.php?t=66384
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Well I am going tonight to Off 5th and if I will check how much they are. Maybe they are cheaper than $120.00. I am on a mission tonight...
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