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What do you do for a living?

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That enables you to afford the jeans
I am a guitar and piano instructor and I teach music to grades 3, 4, 5. I do better financially with my home based music businesss than teaching at the school.
Just curious.
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I'm a student, but I work part time as a sales associate at a department store (The Bay) convincing people to buy moderately priced footwear lol.
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I work at a community college in the mail room!! bulk mail center.
I love it! Its a great, easy job. make good $ doing it too.

My husband is a network engineer he makes a bit more than me and fortifies my ability to afford premium denim
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I own a resale clothing store, although our bastard landlords are pretty much pricing us out of the building by raising the rent by $1500. So in November, I'll be going back to full-time latte slinging at an espresso drive-thru, where I work 3 mornings a week right now.
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I'm a stay-at-home mom...(hardest job I've ever had...but that's a different thread!...) Worked up until I was 34, when my 2nd baby was born. Hubby is an account exec for an insurance brokerage/financial services firm...thank god! Otherwise I'd be working again, just to be able to pay for daycare...it's a vicious freakin cycle. I try to be cautious about what I spend on jeans...only have one pair that I paid retail for!
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I'm a psych major and a manager in training for Ritz/Wolf Camera...this doesn't help much with the denim addiction, so I limit myself to slapping a pair on a credit card every now and then while slowly paying it back. Thankfully, I've had the restraint to not max out my $5500 credit limit...YET! (LOL)
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I'm a student, but I'm taking a little break from school right now. I work in an office as an admin. asst. Super easy job with great pay. I also work retail on the weekends and occassionally I babysit. I'll probably be going back to school soon, so I will have to be on a jean limit
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professional tastemaker
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I'm a loan processor for a mortgage company. I have a credit card that I owe approx 3K on.
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Architect at small Midtown Manhattan office. I like to focus on sustainable designs, particularly in residential and small commercial work. I keep my denim collection small and can wear whatever I want to work, so it doesnt affect my financial situation much.
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I'm a student

And I guess i find little things here and there to do to make money. I taught skiing for a few months (NOT doing that again) to little kids. Right now I'm in the process of making a webpage for my dad's company.

I really don't know how i afford jeans. All the money i make amounts to barely enough for food, and going out and maybe a pair of underwear every now and then.
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I'm editor in chief of my school's newspaper and in the summer I do whatever bullshit job I can find. My boyfriend hasn't worked in 3 years (he does "investing"), the bastard.
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Just graduated law school; clerking for a judge for a year and waiting for my bar results. Won't be buying much denim with that public sector salary of mine though!
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I work for my family in the Construction business, hoping to one day be able to run the place!!!
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I'm a medical student and live in a state of perpetual debt.
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I'm a student, but I work part-time as an auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm.
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I'm a 'retired' pharmaceutical sales rep... now I just mooch off my hubby!
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I teach high school and I own a bar/nightclub where I bartend on the weekends. My fiance is a mortgage broker and insurance agent. So between our four jobs, I find some money to spend on my shopping habits!
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Full time student with a part time job working for my dad.
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my full time job is in commercial real estate

my weekend job is at a local boutiqe (which sells premium denim )

also i dog sit as often as i can!
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what i do for a living

Copywrite Coordinator (design and proofread ads, flyers and whatnot...but i am the worse speller ever :P) for an Airline. Also doing night school to upgrade myself and doing my real estate license. But I really want to get into Real Estate marketing and sales. Hubby is an electrician, whom I hope to one day leach off on if he's career takes off If not, he can leach off me
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I'm a student, but am currently working as a cook at a hospital until school starts up.
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student (man i feel like i'm always a student) ... working retail on the side to pay for school...

i pay for jeans with money i make selling on ebay
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i work as a "beauty advisor" at walgreens- i get a % of most of the makeup, accessories, etc. that i ring up and on a good day i will make $10 an hour. i cant wait to start a job where i can start pulling in some more $, but that wont be until i finish grad school. i live with my bf and he pays for rent/utilities (although i know he wants me to put my paycheck towards this instead of my jeans habit i also make money reselling my stuff on ebay/forum so i can afford new stuff. my parents pay for tuition but i dont get any money from them for my clothes habit.
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Originally Posted by heathervieno View Post
I'm a loan processor for a mortgage company. I have a credit card that I owe approx 3K on.
I'm a loan officer. I used to work in processing but I hated it.
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