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Happy Mail Day :) Pics :)

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I already received my Revolve order from Friday (SO fast)!! I ordered 3 pairs of Sammy's that were on sale I want to keep them all, but honest opinions are appreciated. Sorry if my pics are huge!

1. SLV Crops (A little snug, but I have a feeling they will stretch):

2.DPE Stretch Two Button style:

3. MPE Non-Stretch

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I say keep them all. All 3 look really great
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Girl...You look gorgeous in all three keep them all......If I had to pick a fav it would be the MPE's...you really rock those ones...
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^Thanks The MPE's are my fav's, I kind of don't like how stretch Sammy's fit, the DPE's are my first pair in stretch. :/
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OMG, you HAVE to keep all 3 - your booty is rockin' in sammys!!
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The crops will stretch out a little but not as much as regular sammys IMO...iM actually wearing mine right now
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Ya...I was wondering if you like the stretch ones...I have been tempted but have always hated tr's in stretch...Are they comfy in stretch??
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I LOVE non-stretch too, I hate TR in stretch, but I thought I would try these. I don't think that I am going to keep them. They really are not that comfortable and I don't like the way they fit my body. I have a little bit of a butt and the stretch ones make it look really big!
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They are really slim in the legs too in stretch, kind of strange....
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^that's why I like the stretch! I have chicken legs, and don't really like flares(my stretch ones have like an 8.5" leg opening, while my rigids have 9.5"). Also curious, did you size up in the double buttons?
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That is exactly what I was worried about too weasella...Thanks for letting me know...I would probably feel the same way in stretch sammy's...
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I got a 27 (my normal size) in all 3. The only ones that were really snug were the SLV Crops.
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My favs are the MPE. They look great..
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The DPEs are my favorites -- I like my jeans snug, though. Pssh. You look great in all of them.
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They all look great on you! I wish the MPE's I just got looked as good on me!!
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My favourites are the DPEs followed by the crops. Why do you say the DPEs in Stretch are not comfortable. Is it just that you don't feel as good in them and don't like how they look, or are they literally not comfortable for some reason. Just curious. They might work for me b/c I have chicken legs compared to my widish waist. I like the idea of a slimmer fitting leg.
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Keep them all!!!! You look fabulous
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I'm with everyone else - keep them all!!!
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oh i like all 3
man i wish my rigid trs fit like that
my rigid sammys are so baggy on the back of my thighs...

i think u should keep all 3
i personally don't really like crops
but i have to say u pull them off quite well
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you look great in all three! however i must agree that the mpe are my favs
(now i wish i would have ordered some ... )
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Def keep the MPE.

I know how you feel about stretch TR it just feels weird.
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Hmm, I think the first two. MPE seem more average. My girlcrush grows.
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Thanks for all of your nice comments guys, you are all so sweet I wore the SLV crops to dinner tonight and they have already stretched out a ton, I am glad that I went with my normal size
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The SLVs are so cute! The wash is great and it looks awesome on you. I think I agree with the majority of the thread when I say that you look good in all of them but if you HAD to return one, return the DPEs. The MPEs are soooooooo flattering. Your legs look really long (well they do in all three ) but rigid TR > stretch and I am not as fond of dark TR washes.
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They were made for you! *jealous!*
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