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green crystals?

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Did they make green sig crystals? My hubby said that he saw a girl in his class wearing them. I told him I have never seen any, but maybe I just didn't know about them. Thanks!
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well I make two of us who never saw them.
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hmmm, so do you think they are fake then?
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either fake or customized
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I think the only green crystals I've seen are those dojos...
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that's so cool that your bf knows premium denim.

my bf didn't even know 7's existed before me... poor sucker lived in gap and levis jeans. tsk tsk
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There are so many brands now with crystals on them- maybe they were some random brand that looked like sfam's squiggle?

I have only seen green crystals on dojos- I believe the argyle ones.
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She could have customized them. I put 6ss Swarovskis crystals in Clear AB on my HAV2's and they look amazing. And, IMO, very unique!
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yeah, they were sevens. He knows his jeans pretty well. HE comes home from school and tells me what brands he saw. My husband said that the squiggle below the crystals was green also. Do those exist?-just plain green sigs?
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