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Who has the Best Jeans Butt ?! - Page 3

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everyone has hot butts!
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everyone's already seen these...but they're what I have on hand! Hopefully mail today will be good, and then I'll get some more!

olive crystal cords

crystal wicked roths

xanex pinks


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^Very nice!
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can you guys PLEASE tell me how you take your own butt shots?? do you have someone else do it?? b/c i f i asked my roommate to take a pic of my butt she would just stare at me and then i don't think i would live there anymore. i only have some old butt shots:

and... totally different time, but same jeans!

and i found another: i'll try and add some better ones later!
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^Inca, love them all! I just set the timer on my camera. Mine has a 3 sec, 10 sec and a 20 sec timer.
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or just face your bum to a nice big mirror and take a reflection shot
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lol, when i try the reflection shot, i alwyas shake the camera!! and i don't have a good place to set the camera for timer... and if i try that at work, well then maybe i won't work here anymore either!! i'll practice, how's that??

i need some more variety in my butt shots, anyway
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yeah I suck at taking my own butt shots.
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I thought I would join in on the fun. Here are my butt contributions. Please excuse the tightness of the first 2 jeans. It was when I first pulled them out of the box and had not had a chance to stretch them yet

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Everyone's bum looks great!

Weasella, I love those TR shorts they are sooo cute!
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^Thank you!
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idalis had a donkey
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You all look so great!!!

mgoose: thanks for the compliments (on yet another R&R lol)

and weasella: I need a pair of Stevie's after that pic, they truly are gorgeous and fit you sooooo well!!! My fav of all the butts so far
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^Thank you!!! I actually had to sell those Stevie's because I needed a smaller size, I would size down in them if I were you I still haven't found a replacement, and I miss them SO much!
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ha, I only have one pic from WAYWT...Hm I should post more.oh well

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ok this is awesome weasella
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Originally Posted by dweckl View Post
Okay, I'm 4 hours late for work, dehydrated, and holding 8 wedding rings all because of this INCREDIBLE FUCKING THREAD.
am I the only one that finds this insanely funny?!?! good god....

anyways, ladies, you guys never cease to dissapoint... I remember back in the old HF days when it was quite a feat to have someone from the female gender post pics, much less ass shots ... oh how far we have come...

anyways, I'd contribute, but I'm ass-less and I think I've shown enough of that portion in the panty raid thread, lol
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noo! put it back up tiff! i saw it and it looked soooooo gooood!
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sonofa... I missed it
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i can always put it back up hahhaha
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