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denim this is fmx...
This is him practicing before going out on Dew tour, we had a load of photo guys out there because there where a lot of big names riding that day...
I know He is crazy!!!
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^Awesome pic...nice to see the Honda colors.
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You know we love Honda's as much as you and your hubby do...Hahaha Kim...that is too funny...
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Originally Posted by nakedmosher2of3 View Post
^^^^ sweet i love those kind of guys!!!

and you know what?? whatever you watch those xgames type of shows the wives of the guys are SERIOUSLY HOTT!! .... we should have known.....
I love those kind of guys too...
Something about a hot guy all sweaty with moto gear on about to do something way too risky...and the tattoos...hmmm...Hahahaha..
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definately ... i used to date this hottie snowboarder ... but he moved to colorado ....

and the tatoos .... yes they were hott!!!
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haha...sick picture!!!! totally extended!!! freakin' sa-weet!

yeah, my husband does freelance videography and photography mainly for pro snowboarders and pro wakeboarders and Skateboarders.......but has done quite a bit of shooting for motoX as well. we are definately into 'DIS'organized sports. ;O

he developed a website about 5 years ago for action sports and it has taken off quite well....lotsa 'perks' ...trips out to shoot vids for pro riders and such..

tons of cool videos and pictures...check it out:


nekked, there is snowboard video I made of my girls trip I made out to Tahoe a few years back...in fact, I bought my first pair of TR's at a boutique in Incline Village, NV on that trip...ahhhhh...memories!
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