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is this dave speaking? lol


anyway, there were times I really did, mang

but now... not worth it anymore, sadly

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Sweater - Guess

T shirt - J. Crew

Jeans - True Religion Bobby Outlaw(I think)

Shoes - Frye

Watch - Michael Kors


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zwarte muur samen.jpg

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Not really sure what its intentions are but it has been "hitting up" the forums with these types of pictures. 

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Originally Posted by Evil Sushi View Post


Originally Posted by lpalma121 View Post

 Is he replacing evil shishi.


who is this evil shishi


and about this replacement thing... I'd never wear those ARRRRRR on my backpock's lol


no hate itsinmyjeans, I'm not taking this forum seriously anymore






 None taken. I like your style though. I love the ARRRR's as you call them. Thats just me though.

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Been a while and snowed in with 20 inches on the ground. Just bored as fuck here's my contribution  .



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Love the 8At's

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73J buddy

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lpalma: shoes are perfect for the snowy weather

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I always do my hight tops for cold weather. I never wear them any other time.

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sorry I looked at the pockets and assumed they were 8at. They look nice anyways 

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2011-01-31 11.09.39.jpg

Forever 21 peacoat, Banana Republic sweater, Sharma Joyas Bali necklace

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cool stuff

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this is better i think

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what was the point of covering the back of your head when I could still see your face? Bad haircut I guess.

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i was planning to cover both back and front views but than i thought ,who cares anyway.

but i had already saved the back view that way.

its not really important anyway,hehe

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page is not found maffionista

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looks as tough the diesel wywt is kind of dead but this one still lives on,im glad females are posting their pictures too!anyway i was wondering since theres a new HF mall layout and the old will be phased out soon.does anyone know will the items i have posted on this old mall be transfered to the new automatically or do i need to post each of them on the new one?thanksin advance  for your help:)

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ah i see that your are in rotterdam



isnt that the mauritsweg?

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you know who I am, right?

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I hope the middle being that is the best dressed in the pic. Next best would be on the right and waaaaay in the back would be the left. This is just my opinion though and should hold zero weight on anyones self image. To each their own. Each persons style suits them thats all that really matters. 

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and the Oscar goes to itsinmyjeans, I'm the one in the middle lol

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this thread misses sand dolphin

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