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^I'm more on the alternative/indie side of rock


and those griffith park seems to fit you well

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thx Evil.


will not go 17.5cm for a while.

cos my body line has problem,

 dior adviser said that he want to shave these area,  haha,

 i think so too..



this is DBG's one



 infinite mind and MIJ raw sleep in closet... i should wear these too.



 anyway, I LIKE MII RAW176.gif



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nice boots in the first pic sand. they look great with gp.

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thx, this is the one of results of your hard work...











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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post

As temperature have risen, I've decided to switch on linen mode. I've bought those pants last summer and that's the first time I wear them. Maybe I should taper/shorten them a little but linen clothes are supposed to be more relaxed. Plus, I paid 50€ retail for it so no wanting to spend tons on alterations...and the waist is snug, 



Finally something really different...
like the colour combination and the fit

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 Vintage 50/50 blend Tee

A.P.C. New Standards

Dior Homme Hi tops

New Era fitted... LETS GO YANKEES!!!!


IMG_5246.jpg picture by lpalma121

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Some quick fit pics of my new 8IW. Wish they were L32 but oh well. Still stiff so they aren't settling/stacking as I would like. Look a bit sloppy ATM.




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nice pair of 8IW. Like it. L32 would be better, but these perhaps stack better after a few wears. Your W+H sneaks are back. After seeing your second pic with the clear view on the sneaks...I'm so happy to have bought the perforated pairs. Look waaaay better ... imo of course.




bye, it was nice to talk to you. I'll miss you

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Yes my W+H are back but the zipper still fails. :(


The new zipper pull that was put on my shoe appears to not work still. I can zip it up but about half way up the teeth stop locking together. Just found this out unfortunately... looks like they are out of commission until I can figure out how to fix them. So sad :(

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 great fade your 8IW. GREAT!! and nice fit on u ,thanaz...(+1)

 have u ever try on shonner?


 and how about thanaz-8b9


 plz let me know.

 i think, your pair on pics looks like lighter than real.







 nice T. Galaxy?

 black hall on there?







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wow, your 8iw looks very different than both of my pairs. it looks a lot more textured.

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@Sand: Never heard of Shonner. Also, I've only ever tried on 2 pairs of Thanaz, including the 8IW... never tried on 8B9.


@DK: It's possible, but it also could be the sharpening that I applied to the photo. Perhaps I will post more pictures once they break in some or when I wear them again and see if they still look that way.

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Wait Cez can you answer me where you're going if it's not already too late? Is this some ill attempt to prove how cool you are that you care not to continue with HF (or whatever it's called) ?

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He will be active over at SuFu and SF

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Originally Posted by sh0ebox View Post

@Sand: Never heard of Shonner.


here you go.



this is the first release, will be made on great wash. 



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nice fit tony ;) +1

are they L30?

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dont know what happened, but it was nice talking to you here Cez!

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^ drama queen

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Originally Posted by XXXwithXXX View Post

nice fit tony ;) +1

are they L30?

Thanks Alex --- they are actually L34. This is the only length I could find them available in, so I just bought them haha. I like having my Diors long but I wouldn't mind some more appropriate length denim too, especially in these since they are triple-stitched and don't cooperate when it comes to stacking.

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Got my Thanaz 17F today from DK. A little bit of a looser fit but I like em. Some quick crappy fit pics:




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not bad, but I think you look better with more fitted pairs (read the thanaz 8IW you posted yesterday, almost a perfect fit)

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Yeah I agree. Too bad 17F doesn't come smaller than w28 since it's a "fashion pant" --- or else I'd size down.


I think waxed black denim just don't love me like I love them lol

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yeah, one pair too small, the other too big...lol

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Shoebox --> you can still sell them to me if they are too big ;)

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