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donald, what's that jacket?
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Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
donald, what's that jacket?
nudie black coated jacket
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pee, i think it was the 80s glam hair that made your outfit look like you were on the set of "howard the duck." it's obvious that your wife cuts your hair.

if it's any consolation, your wife is the bigger joke. also, you still have time to save your kids. you really didn't need to delete your photo though as apparently 3 other members liked your outfit.
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pee, can i get your autograph?

someone remind me how that catchphrase goes again. something to do with breathing i think.
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Good morning Cez,

Great pic(+1),
 plz let me know your coat!

 Half staff? memorial day for the U.S ?
so, still buggy? MII(32) yesterday all day wear that.

fully agree w/t ben's info
From the lower calves to the ankle, the MIIs are a tad loose. Still good for stacking, but I am thinking about taking them to a tailor to replicate the MIJ fit around calves and ankle.
 anyway , my best size is 31 for raw of Dior Evil recommended.
 today, i go to Dior.jp w/t this pair. and i discussed ...

ben,DK,zdenal_cz, sorry for my poor action for that.

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Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 View Post
-MII raw.
-global works's v-T
-polo's v

sand, are they 21cm? if theyre 19, i think you can pull off 17.5!
u should give them a try at dior boutique.
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so, this pair is MII raw 19cm.

 i should select W31 both MIJ/MII... all HF members already know..
 i'm bad students!! sorry..
 so, my MIJraw W32 selling on $100. that's only the reason why i select W32.

Today, i should go to mtg w/t MS on shinjuku.
 I'll try 17.5cm on Isetan/shinjuku.
 I'll send pic to u pm, plz give some advice to me..
 i wonder that i can't put my big hip to 17.5cm

So, how about meeting on there(isetan) or Omotesando ^^; just jk. 
 which should i go? (recommend) Isetan or Omotesando.
 maybe Isetan is so small...

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Time for some raws other than Diors

DDG raw Thanaz

CP Tournament
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did you find them in white?
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Naw, only via an US based website. I am even willing to pay retail, but retail plus overseas shipping plus import duties plus german sales tax is just too much.

But I found some Margiela German Army sneakers
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are those your light grey pair then? i ended up selling my pair, because i wasn't feeling the color. the grey was a bit light purple-ish looking, and i wasn't feeling the color of the laces either. didn't fit in with my wardrobe. but i do love the silhouette of the tourney's.
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Yep, I prefer those a lot over the Achilles, thats why I am searching for another pair preferably lows, white, brown or dark grey (if the Tourneys even come in dark grey).

Mine arent purple-ish, btw. But I guess the colorway is slightly different on every pair due to the hand finish. The toe box of one of mine shows a slightly darker shade of grey than the rest, hardly noticible but I guess there might be bigger inter pair variations.
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do tourney's come in high tops?

edit: shit, they do. would love a pair in a darker color. probably rare as fuck though.

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Yep, low, mid and high.

Edit: My edit came too slow
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^^sweet pair
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i like the omotesando boutique better! did you go today?
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so i went to ISETAN only, cos meeting finished @pm6:00
i checked Dior & DIESEL on ISETAN.

Dior, not allow my taking pics..
 I can wear 17.5cm as u said. i tried griffith & fuel2fire and other.
 so, suittable size is differ per each design(stuff said so many check points).
 so difficult for selecting size for me.. i can't find out designer's imagine easy.
 but, basically he asked me not wear as JEANS..... like as DIESEL and so on.

 Stuff let me know how2wear and how2stuck ,how2sag, and
 different of jake's designer and now designer and bra bra bra.....
 FW10 comes on end of July.
 Next,I'll check on omotesandou and judge suitable size for item.

 regarding FW10's pre,1st,2nd,speial releas info:
 u can get info pre and 1st on FW10 the day after tomorrow.
 FW10's special release has LARKEE back pocket w/t chuck.

 so, Shinjuku is not TOKYO but CHINA.
 all Chinese on there!!(40%). omg
 good for economics of japan but....
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Originally Posted by darkknight View Post

Which cut please ?!
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i think you would look better in 17.5 or thanaz. give it a try

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so, Dior.jp stuff recommend me not 19cm but 17.5cm.

 yesterday, Griffith(W32/17.5cm) is so nice fit to me.
 Great design(not wash but cut) !!
 my hip looks so small !!
 this is the magic of Dior.jeans.
 I'm stuck on Dior 17.5cm.

 I should earn $*** from yahoo.
 So, Mr.Son has big hand shake w/t China on Yahoo-auction yesterday.
  I will.... and hope..
 anway, i have to buy one for my wife(Dior made MIJ.raw for women).
  yesterday, i found that. all guy already know that..
 plz come to Japan when u come ASIA June or July.
 I can(should) gift(pay) money for u fright fee KIMPO(KR)/HANEDA(JP)
  cos u helped me to buy VIKER-73Y.
 and let's try 17.5cm w/t us in Dior.jp
 ^XXX plz help me for communication by Eng.. haha
 and drink so much w/t asian...
 sorry ASIAN(and like) PPL's talking on public thread.
 next season i try to find W28 on MIJ raw indigo(100% cotton)
  under $300 or less.
 how much u can pay for?
I wana do my best for HF members.
 cos so many ppl tried to correct me.
 still now bad students.(always i say : i should... sand's way)
 but, so hard to find suitable size on u by online...
 just my feeling.
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Originally Posted by Donald T View Post
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sorry for your hard work (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V) twice?.

next, i try on twitter.. haha
I'll follow u
 should quit DIESEL thread
 should quit Dry Denim thread

all reasons are my faults.
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don't quit, just use Search function and read related post before you ask

Just curious, what's the "average" price of Diors (17,5 or 19cm) in Japan?
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thx for your comment...
so at now i should go meeting, after that i post about price issue...
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