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Woman, if I still had my pair from 3rd grade, I would've been rockin' them.
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3rd grade???? I was in high school rockin' my LA Gear
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Love it, so cute

School day today
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Looking good abyss^...are those TR you're wearing?
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Seems like. Even though I dont dig the bootcut, the fit down to the knee is razor sharp. And the top is very nice, perfect length for winter months and nicely pronounced v-neck. +1
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Love that sweater!

Minika=Doll Baby!!!
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Minika <3<3<3
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Thanks and yea it's TR Joey big T in frontier

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Originally Posted by sh0ebox View Post
Relatively nice day out... so I decided to wear one of my new shirts.

Click for back view:

seems like your too short for the BoO shirt and even for the jawnz...fail
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^ At least he can discern 'you' and 'you're', without fail, if my memory does not fail me, my doomed to fail and complete failure friend, who failed to have the desired diss effect, if you don't fail to see what i mean.
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hmm..ya? o.o
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Using the forbidden word, ja**z, has blown your cover.
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no PD for me today....random stuff

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^So what kind of jeans are those? +1 for the bum shot
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^ Frankie B's
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butt +1
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I see you know your jeans/bums Zodiac...lol.
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Actually they are Silver Brand Jeans...made in Canada. A lot of girls wear them where I live and I hated them because they were so common around here, but my friend had a pair just like these and I just loved the dark destroyed wash so I broke down and bought some non-PD LOL and actually my sister seen them on me today and gave me crap because I gave her heck about always liking Silvers...but I have to admit they fit pretty nice.

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I +1'd you but your shirt isn't too short is it?
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They are nice shirts, but don't fit me well...still the quality is good and $250 is not that expensive for a brand shirt. You see a lot of other high end brands in the mid high $300's.
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Shirt is definitely on the short side and it seems the sleeves as well. I wont start a rant about the (western style) details again. Some like it some dont. But the fit isnt too impresive, considering the price even more.
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The fit is good, if that's what you want. But custom tailoring can be done for less than half the price.
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for the first 3 seconds i thought "WHOAAAHHH SKIDDER IS BACK !!!!111!!111oneone"
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