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Except for the shoe color and the excessive shirt buttoning, I really like that one. Just so everyone knows I do like some fits and that is one of them...
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Def. a nice fit, vonWitzleben. I agree with Ross though... could undo a button or somethin. Jeans and jacket fit real nice though.
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did adam furreal quote all of those pics one post after lorna put them up...
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(Day 2 of Iron Army Novio skinnies)


Say hi to Nubi:
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mike: +1 nice outfits, but all today?
-1 free that rabbit (or put it on a plate)! They piss and stink and have nothing to do in an urban setting. Or are you a farmer? At least you do not look like one. If you keep it, get a bigger cage!
Equals to 0

desoka and vikaaaay: thanks for the compliments, especially as they come from so well dressed and good looking girls.

ross: you are right. I do not like black leather shoes or boots too much myself. But finding a brown boot just causes me some real frustration. Regard it as a best approximation so far. Btw black is ok during night-time...

ross and sh0ebox: concerning the excessive buttoning: I was just taking of my jacket under which I was wearing the shirt buttoned except one. I normally (when casual) have two unbuttoned. I missed that one though (late/d...k/st...d). Next time I will pay more attention taking pictures for WAYWT.
Just a quick one for your convenience:

Same jeans as last post. Shirt is the same cut/size as the purple.

Is there consensus about posting brands?
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I think it's more helpful for others if you do post brands...if someone really likes your fit they can go out and cop instead of asking you what it is...

Speaking as someone who has really learned how to refine my fits with the brand advice expressed here, it's very helpful to know who makes the stuff others are wearing.
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Originally Posted by vonWitzleben View Post
mike: +1 nice outfits, but all today?
-1 free that rabbit (or put it on a plate)! They piss and stink and have nothing to do in an urban setting. Or are you a farmer? At least you do not look like one. If you keep it, get a bigger cage!
Equals to 0
She just got spayed so she can't go outside for another week, but thanks duder.

Also, I'd rather starve to death than eat a bunny!
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I could bite my tounge off. I should not have mentioned the bunny, but now that I have, we have to go through it. No personal offence and all imo:

Good to hear that it is a female. They piss less (no territorial marking) and therefor stink less. And good to hear that you are taking it out (whatever that means).
But how long is it usually out per day? That cage is very small! Imagine yourself in a cage where the smallest side is shorter than you are... Not very pleasing, even when you are allowed to go out several hours a day (and it is not atm). Especially if you are an animal that is used to moving and running. And be honest to yourself: how many hours is it out per day and in what kind of environment?

You would not eat a bunny, but get it spayed and imprison it in a cage too small to fully stretch out in every direction... MMh, I think I would prefer to be dead and eaten. At least that makes some sense (nutrition/pleasent food).

Do not get me wrong. I am not against having bunnys or animals in a houshold (even though I made my experiences with girls buying bunnys out of a feeling of slight sadness and finding them sooooo sweet and all the damage (eg cables) that comes afterwards). But I am against having animals/pets just for personal pleasure and in an environment that is not suited for the animal (eg. dogs/horse in big cities).

And believe me if worst comes to worst, you might not eat your own bunny but you might be willing to eat a lot of things (including other bunnies maybe even your own), that you would never eat in times like this, where there is enough food and tv and video and internet and... Never say never.
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In that case: eat or be eaten ...

That reminds me of reviving the pic relation game thread.

EDIT: Just inserted the brand names into my first post on this page. Those in the second can be deduced.
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Ben i dont think she lives in the cage, Mike said shes just been spayed so she cant go out, i agree with not keeping them in small cages but since shes poorly after just getting over her operation i think shes only in that cage to be kept well and safe whilst she heals, im sure once she is better Mike will let her back out again, he loves animals She just needs rest and time to heal her stitches and everything It is big enough for her to walk about a bit in there and stretch and sleep just whilst she heals, its just when they have operations they arent supposed to do much running, hopping about etc incase they break the stitches and wounds etc and i definitely dont think mike eats bunnys lol im sure he wouldnt.
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Ok, Lorna. I see the point. But imo the cage is too small. Even if it is "only" for a week. Mike can afford designer cloths. I assume he can afford a bigger cage, even if it is for a week only.

But maybe I am wrong and the rabbit is more happy living with mike than he would be living in a natural environment. Sorry mike, I did not mean to offend you or your bunny. As I said I have some experiences with bunnies with bunnies...
Hopefully it is good again very soon so it can hop around outside all day long.

Forget about the topic and let us return to what this site is about.
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** Thanaz 31Q
** Firetrap

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I don't care if I've had 50 bunnies for years as pets, if it's life or death I'll eat every last one.
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+1 , just imagined a man eating 50 bunnies... want some bbq sauce?
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ive eaten lamb and goat (lol greece.) but rabbit sounds disgusting
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^^ What ? Rabbits meat is one of the finest out there...
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I beg to differ
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^ No homo?
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Liver from wild living rabbits is a delicacy. There are very good italian recipes. Not to be compared with any other animals liver out there (not a fan of most). And as Zodiac says the rest is not only eatable but high quality meat, very tasty.
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^^^People in the US don't really eat rabbit meat. When I was really young, (like 1960's) we ate it because it was cheaper than other meat. Also my grandparents were immigrants so we didn't have a "problem" with it like a lot of our neighbours did.

Also, Mike's bunny is in the hospital bed, as it were, the cage is small for her own good during recovery.

We also had bunnies as pets and during the day they were in the yard and eating in the garden. At night they had to be inside their hutch as coyotes and other varmints would eat them.

Zodiac, looking good.
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You're all making me want to eat a bunny.
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^^ Begret thanks.

I ate some rabbits, My grandfather used to marinade them for winter.
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First time I've considered going to the pet store for some grocery shopping...
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