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Shout out to 7FAM for denim quality!

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I don't know how you all feel about this but IMO 7FAM has THE BEST quality denim going! I have quite a few pairs of R&R (Roths) and I just got myself some TR's (Big T's) and absolutely nothing compares to the quality of 7FAM or to their washes!!

They've got the competition beat by a mile
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I agree with you. I tried on me RR, paige, blue cult, TR, people's L., Citizens and the jeans really fit better to me and I feel comfortable on them is Seven For all mankind . I really like the others demin brands but Seven to me is the best. (of course, it is my very personal opinion and experience )
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yup I also agree I think sfam and coh have excellent quality
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I haven't tried COH yet as I can't seem to find a style I like, they all seem too plain.
I'll keep looking though!
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I agree too... I think SFAM and Diesel are the best quality among all the brands... I love R&R's, but the price doesn't reflex the quality...
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Originally Posted by dizzel View Post
I haven't tried COH yet as I can't seem to find a style I like, they all seem too plain.
I'll keep looking though!

try some ric racs, or some boho's
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I agree, too 7FAM is by far my favorite brand!
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7FAM and Diesel are definitely superior in quality to other premium denim. I am not real familiar with COH as I have only owned a couple of pairs. I think that R&R makes the hottest sexiest jeans BUT the quality is extremely poor for the price.
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I am bumping this thread because I have recently had experiences that tell me the OPPOSITE, that 7FAM quality may be slipping.  


I recently (like in the past month) purchased 4 pair of new 7FAM.  My complaint is with the Dojos and the Lexi A pockets.  The two others are bootcuts and they are fine -- they are precisely sewn and the fabric seems good.  


Here's the problem with my Dojos:  the pockets are crooked.  I went and measured, and indeed they are not even, they are off by 1/4".  Also, the fabric seems a bit thin (have to go back to confirm the wash).  The Lexie A pockets have uneven hem lengths, and most annoyingly they stretched out so much I can't wear them unless I gain at least 5 pounds.  The Dojos, at least, are holding their shape.


The bootcuts (I also have some black squiggle pocket bootcuts from before) are all very well made.  I wonder if it's an issue with the manufacturer they have subbed this out to?  Anyone else notice the quality of 7's slipping?  I know these are authentic, I purchased them at a 7FAM store.

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Certain styles and washes will be thinner than others--that's true. I haven't noticed the uneven pocket issue with dojos, but I have seen that with multiple pairs of COH (notably with a pair of Ditas I sold awhile back--one pocket was 1/4" further from the center than the other one was). As for the denim stretching, yeah, that can be a problem with some washes, but I've always educated myself on the washes and sized down accordingly if they're known to stretch *shrug*

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I have a pair of Straight Leg in Mercer, and they are very lightweight, but I don't feel the quality is poor.  Honestly, I would try taking them back if there is such a discrepancy in the pockets. I wouldn't like that especially for the price...

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Thanks Shop and Pinki!  It's true I could have educated myself better about the washes before learning the hard way.  One lesson I have learned is if you're in between sizes (which I am for many items), buy a size down due to the spandex.  


I am going back to the city where I bought these in mid-Dec, so maybe I'll go back to the 7FAM store.  

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^Well, yes, that's probably a good rule of thumb especially for the newer washes, but the best thing is to learn your measurements (by measuring your best-fitting pair) then seek pairs with those measurements. My closet's populated with jeans ranging in sizes anywhere from 27 (!) to 30. I could probably find some really small-fitting 31s too, but I'd feel like a fatty in them so I don't wear pairs that run that small :P (I'm really around a 29/30)

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I currently own 5 pairs of 7 Jeans in less than two months, after browsing their website.  These are my first 7 jeans in my life.  I used to have other denim designer labels, and they're great as well.  The first time I tried 7 Jeans in their store - I just can't resist it.  I fell in love with it,  I have no options but to get it.  That time, I was not planning to splurge on anything, but I did.  Prices of 7FAM here in the Philippines is quite more expensive than in U.S., due to import costs from U.S.  Price range of 7 Jeans here starts at US$200 and above.  The first pair that I've ever bought was a distressed boot cut that costs US$310 in here.

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The title of this thread made me laugh audibly. Then I realized that the thread was created in 2006. 7FAM has some of the worst quality now. The only designer brands that have worse denim/construction now-a-days is Rock&Republic(before the fall) and Joe's Jeans.

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