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@Aahz: Beautiful pictures, your Krooley 811P look amazing!


@Phukette: I can still remember trying those Superbia (the 8NJ-ish ones) at the launch of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. That wash was really epic. Can't remember the wash code though. I will definitely look out for those.

By the way, I am currently growing a beard (not to my girlfriend's pleasure) and the comic you posted motivated me to keep going after I almost decided to shave it. :)

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Don't shave it bro! It'll look like shit for about a week or two. But after two weeks trim it and clean up the neck line. After that your girlfriend should be ok with it. It'll be tidy and won't be as bristly. That my advice!
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Shioner 801A




Originally Posted by Denim Collector View Post

I know everyone is raving about shioner 824y but I want to know if it will hug like 801A does.... Personally I own many pairs of shioner and none fits like 801A....

Perfect example phukette!!!!

 Damn you guys,  Looks like i am getting 801A + 824Y.

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And stumbled across this. I'm gonna pull this out every time my wife wants me to shave my beard.

Eh Karacho?


Love this! It's how I feel/look every time I shave off my beard, too!

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Great outfits everyone!

DA -- those 817H are lookin great on you!  Nice fit and great coloring..

Dieselolic -- what can I say.... another great outfit!  Especially like the suede shirt which adds a nice new texture to the outfit.

Phukette--- Great combination of colors and textures.  Man I love that 801A.  nothing like it.  I really like the jacket too.  Can you please tell me the name and make of the jacket?

Aahz -- as always you have such great style!.. I love the way the white pops off those 811ps.   Yours seems to have a bit stronger white fade than mine.  its got me considering whether I should get a second pair.

Gpoop-- really like those biker jeans.

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@sanibeldude, it's the allsaints kabushi jacket.
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DBG Excess 31F

Joseph Abboud Jacket

Diesel Chrom Hi Boots


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Originally Posted by Aahz View Post

DBG Excess 31F

Joseph Abboud Jacket

Diesel Chrom Hi Boots


Your style is stunning, everything is perfect, really like the outfit!!

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Aahz, what an amazing outfit! I like that place as well. Where is it?

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Holy fuck aahz! You broke the mould with that outfit! Stunning and classy! How do you suprise me every time!
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Very nice guys!!!!!!!! Damn dressing up in Vail colorado.. Is mountain open yet?
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@Aahz freakin looking sharp my man! Fantastic outift!


Calvin Klein jacket

Express long sleeve t shirt

Thanaz 8B9

Clarks desert boots


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@Aahz Looking very sharp & sophisticated. Really classy outfit!


@Gpoop Nice outfit, I used to have a Calvin Klein jacket similar to yours that I really liked... unfortunately I don't fit into it anymore :/


Here's what I wore tonight:


Diesel beanie

H&M scarf

Zara blazer

Diesel Black Gold henley (not really visible :P)

Diesel pants

Zara shoes



I will follow Phukette's instructions in order to get my beard in shape, promise!

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@Daaan thanks man! Your outfit is classy as fuck! I dig the scarf!

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Thanks everyone!


Wow Daaan, talk about sophisticated… that looks freaking great… sophisticated and nonchalant. Nice picture too!


straychev, that's Vail, Colorado.


DC, how do you like the mixed light? I first shot a couple on tungsten balance with a cto gel on the flash, but it was too much. I took them off and was pleased that I still had the cool/warm contrast that I was looking for. Then I was hurrying to get the shots done before the sun started hitting the mountain behind me.


I don't think the mountains will be open until December.

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Very nice shot - but did you set up a softbox or shoot through or reflect umbrella?? the image doesn't look bounced off a ceiling at all because you have the light fairly evenly distributed accross your entire height.  Also lighting up black is very difficult and I can see the sheen and shadows clearly.. excellent job!!  Only small thing I saw was a bit of blue tint on your left (right side of image) created from natural light..  Which explains the tungsten white balance.  But other than this beautiful shot man..... i'm so jealous!!!!



@Daan - man your outfit is excellent.. I have this image of you in jogg jeans and blazer.. and this one just replaces that image.. love the toque & scarf combo w/ blazer and grey pants... excellent all around.

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Love the whole outfit.  The scarf and the beanie are especially a nice different kind of touch.  Great color coordination too!



I'm diggin the DBG excess with the blue blazer.  What color shirt is that?   its a nice pairing...

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It was a fairly small octal soft box, 30" I think, at about chest height.


I brought fluorescent lighting for shooting some video promos, so I only packed one strobe.


This was after I switched to daylight balance. The ambient light was very cool on its own. Originally I was exploring something like this (which didn't quite work):




Anyway, thanks! That's quite a compliment. :)

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Sanibeldude, it's all monochromatic.

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Holy fuck aahz! You broke the mould with that outfit! Stunning and classy! How do you suprise me every time!



@Gpoop,great outfit as usualy!


@Daan,one word:Baller.

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Thanaz 887K

Diesel K-Crono Knit (my new favourite thing!)

Aldo Shoes


Oh and by the by, ASOS have 25% off lots of stuff at the moment. Nabbed myself a pair of tepphar 820Q.

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damn this thread has been so full of style these past few days! 


great outfit Phukette! 

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Thavar 801d

Diesel shoes

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Originally Posted by nasir94 View Post

Thavar 801d

Diesel shoes

good fit!

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holly crap, I took the weekend off from the blog and am very pleased to see all these great outfits!
Phukette, you layer like a boss, no one does it as good as you do. and i'm with everyone on the beard, keep it.
Aahz and Dann, loving the sophistication of your dressy outfits.
DC, you make me want to grab a pair of krooley jog. i'm feeling the all black one..trying to wait for a deal on them.
Gpoop, like the night out outfit there.
and Nasir, yes, good fit on the thavar.
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