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@ Weenie Nice fit on the 888P. I am waiting for mine to arrive.


@ Quettingen super cool on the whole outfit. DBG looks nice. Fit you very well...

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Thavar 888P




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@denimaddict Fantastic fit!!

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@ Gpoop Thank you for the comment.

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Denim addict that fit looks awesome. can you help me out and tell me your height and weight so i can try and get a pair?

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lol and the waist and length of yours?

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@Metzz00 size is 31 x 32. I am 185cms tall and weight is 76kgs if that helps. Thank you for the comment

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thanks, one more question im 172cm and 78kgs do you think a 32/32 would fit me?

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i would love to get a 31/32 but i cant find the size anywhere

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and sorry im 178cms

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Denim Addict-- those 888p look badass on you.  Great fit and I love the stacking.  Nice shoes too.  A really great purchase!


Quettingen-- A really nice outfit.  Congrats.  I think the DBG look good on you -- not too tight and a nice unusual wash.


Free rad -- All the Viker washes look good on you.  I like the lighter wash.

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thanks very much for the feedback.

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Thavar 888P is very hard to find for a decent price. especially in size 31 x 32. good luck, hope you find a pair for a reasonable price. 

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 Quettingen View Post

I like the shoes. good fit

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Originally Posted by denim addict View Post

Thavar 888P



super fit!

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so yellow! o amazing! great fit, superb pair of 888p, lucky you! icon_lol.gif

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Thavar 8 1 1 P


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So many hot guys at the moment on here! Denim Addict those 888p are amazing. Weenie those 811p are also stunning!
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Thanaz 660q

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Krooley 8 N J


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@Wutzwagg, good fit!!! thanaz looks great

@Weenie, perfect wash

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Quettingen, beautiful DBG you got there!

DA, great pair of 888p. fit perfectly.

Wutzwagg, nice outfit.  what jean jacket is that?  looks great.

Weenie, both washes are just awesome.  perfect on you.

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Diesel Juzicon

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I love that DBG but was not sure if they would be to tight. Guess I will keep them instead of reselling them.

It's Juzicon 833p
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Diesel Krooley Jogg

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