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@Jim wang great style. would like to see your new jeans

@Aahz As always super fit

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Hey Guys, its been a while. I got inspired by all the great posts recently.


@Aahz, your style is impeccable,

@freeradical, great viker posts, you make em look like a skinny fit.


Today I am wearing my thavar 8X2

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@ Denim- guy very nice on the 8X2. 


@ Aahz perfect with a nice smile icon_smile.gif

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i am wearing a black crushed diesel denim today

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^Lmao. Pics or it never happened.
I am wearing a pair of Diesel blue denim jeans. Lol
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Sorry for oftop


dear comrades, please advise style jeans diesel, my thigh 20.5 inches, 16 inches of knee, ankle 15 inches,

I wear size W30 L32


much thanks


kind regards

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Some great fit pics and washes here guys! Today, the best fitting pair of Thavar's I own, 888p!
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Drumedge, very sexy indeed!
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hahaja binker boo
post pics raymond
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@ Drumedge very nice on the 888P . I can't wait for mine to arrive from phukette. 

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Havent posted here in a while,

Shioner 801A

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Great fit Phukette!
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@ Phukette very nice. What are your thoughts on 801A ? 

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Thanks gents. They are one of favourite pairs. Such a great colour and they've kept their shape really well. Totally recommend them.
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Perfect fit on. 801A T-Shirt looks nicely fitted as well icon_wink.gif
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Looking sharp, Phukette. You blow away the notion that a t-shirt and jeans is dressing down.

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Thanks guys! The tee is just something I grabbed randomly last week. It's a voi jeans t-shirt. I think you can get it on ASOS, take your diesel size:
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Krooley 882D

Diesel T

Diesel Javelins Trench

DBG Anderson Boots

Orciani Belt


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looking good aahz!

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Great outfit aahz, love the pop of colour. So fresh!
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@ aahz,

Love the javelins trench. Where did you get that?
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@Aahz great trench coat

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@  Dieselicious


I had been keeping an eye on that trench on the online store, waiting for it to go on sale. When it finally did, my size was no longer available.


One day I was in the local diesel store and asked if they could get one for me. They looked in the system and found stock in a few other stores (they pulled mine from the Beverly Center in L.A. -- who on earth needs a trench in L.A.??)

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LOL, I'm in LA and want one. it's for the rainy days that happen a handful of times in a year.

I really like the length of it. It's more like a regular jacket than a traditional trench. I'll just have to call the store. Hopefully it's still available.

How would you describe the sizing? Is it TTS?
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I lived there for about 7 years. I really missed the rain.


Now in the bay area, even though the rain is still seasonal, it's easy to walk around with a trench as a light jacket. I don't feel I could get away with that in socal.


The length is a double-edge sword. You're right, it looks great (and it seems better put together than other trenches I saw from diesel... more water resistant, real side pockets). But its shortness is pushing the limits of being practical for wet weather.


It's true to size. I got it in medium, which is 90% of what I fit in diesel shirts and jackets.

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