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Originally Posted by Jim Wang View Post

Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

It looks very interesting and fit you well!

Thanks a lot, you're so nice.


I post the evolution of this denim pants' turning...


Front Side




Back Side




And...some details of it...


I draw a head of Chuck Norris on left-back pack,


And the head of Bruce Lee on right side.



Before painting...



Little dots bleaching...




After a few hours DIY...


This is it...


Front & Back





With Turbo Denim Paper Card



No GangnanStyle...


to commemorate National Team of Italy through FIFA World Cap 2002.



Natural used.



The Black...is charcoal coating.


Thank you for watching.

Wow, buddy! its fantastic job!!! I really like the picture Chuck Norris  and patch No gangnamstaylel! I'll be waiting for your new works with jeans

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^^ hella awesome!
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Topman Camo Overshirt/Jacket
French Connection Pocket Tee
Thavar 813L
Adidas Tweed





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@ Jim Wang .. Amazing evolution of your Koolter 8y9's thanks for sharing and they really look great on you. I have messed with some of my diesel with sandpaper, stanley knife, bleach and dyes but you mate have taken it to whole new level. You will certainly be a one off !!


@ Leftvapor .. looking cool in Thavar 813L's


My first new trews of this year arrived today; Thavar 661D and beige Diesel Kugan Chinos. Also got Superdry and Hollister shirts and a Diesel leather belt .. fit pics over the weekend will follow. But atm both seem and bit roomy in the waist, haha perhaps I've got slimmer.

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@ Toulouz


Did you get the Diesel Kugan and belt from me? eBay?

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@ Leftvapour hehe from callum_hack that you?

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@ Leftvapor .. recon you slipped up cos both items were a steal cos Murray was playing his Wimbledon final and everyone was glued to their telly. I bought em off my smart phone whilst cheering Murray on, lol

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@Jim Wang, FANTASTIC work! 

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@ Toulouz Yes mate that was me. You got a steal but Im just clearing things out now and need most of it our of the way. Enjoy!
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Safado 801D + ralph lauren + Diesel sneakers



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@ DA .. Very suave simple outfit, me likes :)


@ Leftvapor .. Well you wont loose sight of them cos I have to take some fit pics. Might well be after some of your other items which finish this Sunday. I like the rooby and RI paisley shirt and H-LAP jeans. I must also commend you on quality. You could not tell those Chinos had ever been worn.

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Originally Posted by denim addict View Post

Safado 801D + ralph lauren + Diesel sneakers




perfect fit

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I bought a pair of Diesel Thanaz 008QP and a pair of Office shoes of you. You usually have some seriously nice jeans for sale!

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@ Toulouz & DSalvatore


Didnt realise I was supplying the forum, but pleased all the same. Keep an eye on my stuff, I buy so many clothes I am forever selling some on Like you said some of them I only wear once or not even at all! Glad you both liked your purchases! :-D

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@ Toulouz & Aramis thank you for the comments icon_smile.gif

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wearing Thanaz_8WW old but still lovely

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I love 8ww, super soft. I can wear all year around.

Very nice fit el nino.
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Burberry shirt

Thavar 880G

Clarks desert boots

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It's way too hot for jeans here at the moment! 32C during the day and 20C at night
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@El-nino, nice fit! 

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Shioner 74Y
Diesel tee, belt, leather bracelet & watch
Red Wing Boots
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Originally Posted by Raj Hardia View Post

Shioner 74Y
Diesel tee, belt, leather bracelet & watch
Red Wing Boots

great fit and a great belt.

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YES, great belt indeed! 

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Those jeans look great with those brown boots and black tee. Excellent outfit raj, well put together.
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Super fit on the Shioner 74Y @ Raj

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