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Thank you DC and yes, y'all look great! It's nice to see the ladies rockin' their outfits too:)
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Ok, this is my first time posting a self pic. I figured I would do it in honor of buying this pair from esheen.

Calvin Klein cardigan
Diesel Zathan 707
Diesel Gunner Sneakers

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lurking around in vienna





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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

lurking around in vienna





Super Shot :) Double denim @ its best 

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I can't seem to pull off the double denim like y'all can, very nice and in Vienna nonetheless! Heading to church in yet again Thavar 8x2. I am trying to work these in better since I sized down in them. The waist in my other Thavar's stretch a lot and I wanted to prevent that with these...
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Shioner 74y
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Not really supposed to wear jeans at work, but I think these tepphar 800w are plain enough to get by...


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Drumedge, those 8x2s fit great. They look perfect.


Wutztagg, the Shioner look great. I want some more Shioner in my collection.


Mrpuff26, I hope you get away with the Tepphar at work. Looking good.

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Shioner 886A and Diesel shirt

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Guys, all of your darker denim look great! I love dark denim! Lee, I dig your shirt too:)
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Lee you look your best in darker denim those 886's are the best I think I've seen on you!

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Thanks James! Glad you like what I am wearing! I like them too!
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I like to continue w/ the dark denim trend!!  Its a blessing in disguise that no one bought my Thanaz 887k.  rocking them again today..


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DC, I almost sent you a pm on those beauties! They look great:)
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DC, I almost sent you a pm on those beauties! They look great:)
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Krooley 886p
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yesterday wore my viker 801n. this is offically my very favorite diesel denim i own. everything i love in a pair of jeans: dirty, dark, distressed 100% thick cotton. 5***** jeans for sure!


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Great fit Freeradical!

Can you please stop wearing flip flops non stop.. I'm getting F***ing jealous!!! This is the first day we finally see a blink of the sun here in Holland this year..
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love the juzicon jacket collector, nice outfit! If you ever want to sell them contact me ;))


freerad, 801N with white t shirt - simple but so effective!


double denim days for me



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@Freeradical, those look WAY better in that lighting than the earlier posted photos! @Karacho, I dig those new shoes!
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@Ramirez , i actually envy the guys that are still able to use jackets and layer up in general haha. here in Greece its so damn hot i can rarely wear my jeans anymore!!!! if i move to the Netherlands next year i hope ill be able to wear them more often :P 

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Triple denim. All I have to do is wear my jeans jacket and then there's the super combo!

@Audit: Greece is hot!!! I can see your point, fall/ winter time gives a lot more options for great outfits! I don't mind wearing shorts and flip flop all day long though icon_wink.gif
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yeah shorts and flip flops are extremely comfortable BUT...for us denim lovers, hot weather is always a restriction :P for instance, during the sales ill buy a couple of jeans but i know ill probably wont be able to wear them until september hahaha or even october >_>

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Nudie Shirt Gusten.
Was a dry shirt. Used some sandpaper, washed ones 60degrees for one hour, not turned inside out.

Very happy with the result! They were very dark/ almost black blue. Now they are beautiful blue. Picture captures the colours very good.
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Edit: double post
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