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Hahahaha thanks guys I wore my 887k yesterday... Gonna keep it!!!

Toulouz man you are crazy stylish while playing with fire keep the photos coming!!!

Lee hope the date went well!!! Looks great!

Phukette those 801A are nice eh?! I think I will wear mine today!!!
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A tribute to Levislad - Safado 880I :-)


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Looking good zgdiesel. I love the 880i wash!

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Krooley 811P

Shioner 801A
Allsaints Shirt
G-Star Jacket

Then ditched the shirt and threw on a blazer for a night out!

Perfect fit with shioner !!! And with the blazer very nice

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nice outfits!!


digged out my poiak again



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reppin that 882b like a boss #doubledenim #dna

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Daan what's that Jogg jean you posted before again?? i love it and would love to hunt one pair down...  thanks!!

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It's Krooley-N.E. 884W from F/W 2011! ;)

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Thanks!!!! the hunt begins!! they are so nice on you.

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Today first wear on Tepphar 68z.  Had to get the 29 because there's no 28's.  They fit similar to my 804ks in 28 so far.  I don't think I matched it right but I just wanted to show you guys today.  Probably looks better w/ t shirt or some sort. 


Also got the 887v in 29s and they fit awesome.. very good variation of it in my opinion.  will get some photos up next week once I get it back from tailors.



Probably no more jeans for a while.. just got an accepted offer on a house.. and a wedding coming up in August.. now I am officially stretched...

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They look great denim collector! And no belt! icon_wink.gif
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Great wash, Collector!
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haha thanks Lee & drumedge!! yup no belt you got me liking it!!!!  

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I personally dig a cool belt, myself:)
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Nice one DC, congrats on your forcoming marriage. Is the house in Vancouver?

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 Natural selection with Diesel boots & diesel leather jacket



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Originally Posted by toulouz View Post

Nice one DC, congrats on your forcoming marriage. Is the house in Vancouver?


Thanks Toulouz - yup!!!!! no plans to move to another city at this time! =)

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DC, as one who's just gotten married and in the process of building my own house I can definitely recommend both things. One thing I will say is enjoy your wedding day. You'd be surprised how fast it goes. And of course the honeymoon!!

Denim addict, I love those jeans on you man! Savage fit! And a really sharp look!
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Thanks phukette loving the jeans. Do you think they are too long i generally wear 32, but they are 34 i am guessing they might stack well after a while. Any suggestions ?

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I'm like you denim addict, I have 33" legs. Diesel always run long but for other brands like nudie I have to take a 34L. They look fine to me. You should see dior, 36" length always. They are hella long!
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I was thinking of hemming but i will just leave it as it is, Thanks for the advice :)

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Thanks Phukette!! oh man that's what I'll definitely be trying to do... I'll let you know after August 10th! ha!!


DA - those jeans look bad ass.. as for hemming I guess as long as the bottom stack doesn't buldge out like little bit on the photos then its fine..   but they look amazing as of now.


Today wearing the altered Viker 803w that turned into semi Thanaz fit.


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nice outfit denim addict
wht boots are those?
im looking to give my brown varvatos a rest and looking at some ndc but havent tried out diesel for boots
whats the name of yours?
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DC, super fit, but its a viker, how can it lokks like a thavar ? :p

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I noticed they stack different on other shoes, My diesel shoes are very high ankel ones that could be why maybe. Need to break em in to those jeans can't wait too see how they going to turn up. Those vikers are nice :)

@ mattis They are called, Hi Connection 100% Goat leather and very comfortable, Its available in diesel online USA

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