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my "black out" outfit over the weekend:

Thanaz 17F (these are wax coated, few seasons ago, similar to thavar 809n)

ASOS Black lable leather moto vest

Dsquared2 hight top military boots


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layered with military trench


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Braddom 888p

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@Dieselolic: Fashion Week outfit right there, looks amazing!! :D

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Originally Posted by Daaan View Post

@Dieselolic: Fashion Week outfit right there, looks amazing!! :D

Thank you, Sir!

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Dieselolic are you sure you're not a model??  man those wax coated jeans are dope.

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Lol DC great line... Looking good lolic wax it up...
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hahahaha like seriously, that outfit sorta looks like those really cool vampires hanging out at those mansions sipping blood wines..

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Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post

layered with military trench


in this photo you really like Dracula))  good fit

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Originally Posted by Wutzwagg View Post

Braddom 888p

great fit, and I like the shoes

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So since I've joined this community I've read a number of posts that include pics of various styles and types of denim, I began to take some pics of my own denim styles over the last week or so before my outings and running around town with friends. So for your consideration, check out the diesel posts below, thanks!


Thursday night before going to a friends pre-birthday weekend dinner, great times!



Diesel Shioner 886A- 30x32 love the not-too-skinny fit! Great go to jean!


Wore these bootcut on Saturday before the birthday bash to pick up some last minute items!

These come pretty distressed without big holes, but the cuts began as wear and tear from various projects I'd been involved in at some point.

So I just gave them a little push ;)

Diesel Zatiny SS 12- Blue edition 30x32 got these at the Diesel store in Washington, D.C.

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DC and Aramis, i had to photoshop out the blood around my mouth before posting those pics..haha


Denimneverdies, nice fit on both.  i too have the shioner 886a, great jeans.

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Nice fits.

Can you tell me the exact model what zatiny is that?

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nice fits all!

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Denimneverdies - i think the Shioner is a much better fit on ya compare to the Zatiny!

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Supraboy- They're the Blue Button/Rivet Edition from S/S 11 they come in a distressed wash.

Denim Collector- yea I like the Shioner a lot, they're some of favorites, but the Zatiny are great too and I wanted something to wear with my Nike Dunks and they're perfect for those ;-)

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Supra boy I think they are zatiny 882F. 

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Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post


last night:

thanaz 8sv (stretchy) old jeans, don't really see anyone post these


This is a great outfit dieselolic. Love the jacket and the cool jeans.

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Supraboy-my bad man I thought I included the wash in the description, they are the Zatiny 882F

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I'm now considering the Shioner 8D4, I need a slim sporty black jean...and NewYorkSpeed.com has them for $175...anyone have experience with that site?

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Yeah, I've been to their shop on melrose and have ordered from them online. They're good!

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yah they used to be cheaper tho... w/ heavy discounts but I guess that's only an introductory offer! but yah they're great!!

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Thanks Hawk.


Denimneverdies, yes, i've ordered from newyorkspeed several times before.  They are good.  I have actually ordered the 8D4 from them and ended up returning because i didn't like the fit and denim is really thin.  kinda cheaply made..nothing compares to 886a

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Braddom 888P

Diesel Juzicon Jacket

Vintage Shoe Co. Bluff Boots

Rogue Tee




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damn that jean jacket is probably one of the best Juzicon washes out there.....


inspired by Karacho, pulled out and wearing the Tepphar 881W today.


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