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You're welcome Aahz, they look waaaayyyy better on you than me. That whole outfit is awesome, esoecially the tee.
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I agree there's something amazing about that t shirt!! :D

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The t-shirt's made by an artist in San Diego. Ran into him once at a street fair in the old town. Great guy.


Here's his online store:




This one's my favorite:



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I love the expression too!! So dark ...

Still in Taiwan.. Wearing my nudies today.... Man I think people here get ripped off.. Pair of diesel Jeans is ~$520CAD a pair and they are all old FW collection...

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Some More Double Denim Today.....


Diesel Rooby Shirt

Tepphar 887V

Vans Navy







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DC the nudies look really nice+


Narrot 880X, need to get used to Narrots again, as they are going to get a lot of leg-time this summer ;)



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Aahz love that outfit..agree the T really sets it off... good job man

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the 804 looks very nice, good buy aahz :D

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Peuterey Milan BTK

Krooley 880W

TH boots

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Aahz, nice 804m those are stretchy?
DC, great wash on those nudies. Where in tw are you? Must be cold there right now.
Leftvapor, you wear tephhar really well.
Karacho, I like the narrot on you. I'm thinking about giving them a try this summer myself
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For my birthday dinner out at the local Indian restaurant, black shirt and Thavar 886B

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Wow, great fit Lee. I wish I looked that good in 886b. I ordered too big and now have the soggy bottom syndrome :(


Love love love those Narrots on you Karacho.


Dieselolic, they're all cotton but stretchy in the weave. There here are a size down from normal, but they fit perfectly. Lucky me. This was the only wash I really wanted when the season was introduced, but I waited too long for them to go on sale (which they never did) and they basically sold out.

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@ DenimCollector

MRT station, I agree with the expensive Diesel in Taiwan such a rip off.

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Levislad, looking sharp there! Happy birthday!

Aahz they seem to fit you very well. I've been looking at the one in US site they are listed as 807m. Are they different pair?
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There is a safado 807m, which is different. I believe Raj has these and likes them.


The Thanaz are correctly listed on the US site as 804m. For a long time they were mislabeled as 809m.



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thavar 8x2 (thanks so much marziano)
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nice thavar mate !!

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Good fit on the thavar 8x2

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Diesel Viker 882v - stretch



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Check out our music and my Diesel krooley 8ym


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Which one are you Binker Boo? 

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Thavar 806p

Sweatshirt diesel

Bugatti Shoes

Soulfetish Ring

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Sorry for picture qualityicon_neutral.gif


First try of my new Thanaz 885V 653.gif



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wash looks cool man! i ordered just yesterday but in larkee. would you say they're true to size?

Originally Posted by vlcisko View Post

Thavar 806p

Sweatshirt diesel

Bugatti Shoes

Soulfetish Ring



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