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cpt44 - those thavars look awesome on you.  you've made a great switch to skinnies.


Leftvapor - beautiful outfit!  man i love that jacket.  wanted to get it myself but when the sale finally came around it got sold out.

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Ramirez, great fit on both 801c and 74k!  gotta love the 74k.  i'm surprised they just came out on yoox after all these seasons. 

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Great fits Ramirez. Nice shoes!


The 74K's have been on Yoox before, same with the Shioner 880W. They must have uncovered more inventory.


I passed on them earlier, but not this time (not after seeing your fit pics).

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Japan Blue Raw Selvedge

AllSaints Hamer Shirt

Diesel Jacket

Cole Haan Maj Deegan Boots


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Today Thavar 8x2

Canada Goose PI down jacket

Boss boots

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Just catching up!! Sorry I am in Asia right now so haven't had time to catch up!! Will pop on here and there when I get wifi!!!
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Originally Posted by cpt44 View Post

I've just made the switch to slimmer jeans.

Thavar 880M








Looking good. Slimmer jeans seem to flatter your body type, much like mine. I am sure you will become addicted to the slimmer side of denim!

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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post

Haven't posted here in a while, so here goes...


Diesel Juzicon Fur
Sunday Work Clothes Tee
Thanaz 8880K (Thanks again Ramirez)
Nike Blazer Mid




These aren't stacking quite as I would like (especially with the shoes) so I will probably getting the starch spray out when I get home!





Looks like you pulled off double-denim pretty well, wish I could learn how to more! I always seem to have to wear black jeans when wearing my denim jacket. Looking good!

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Thanks for the compliments guys. I am really liking the skinnier fit. It is quite a change going from Zathan/Zatiny to Thavar.

Leftvapor, that Juzicon jacket is wicked cool!

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OMG did you ever seen this joggjeans ?




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@ Aahz


Love that Diesel Jacket. I tried on one similar in denim, but isnt your a similar material to the Shioner 804H? Havn't seen it in stores at all, youve got a winner there.


@ Ramirez


Haven't had chance to mess about with the stcaking yet, but will post some pics when I do. Love the 801C and 74K. They are two pairs which kinda got away from me in the sizes I need. I have since looked but I have alternatives which is a good thing as it saves me £££


@ Everyone Else


Had quite a bit of interest in the Juzicon-Fur jacket Im wearing up there ^^. I picked it up on eBay, its a small and if I had the choice I would prefer a Medium. It is awesome though, not sure what season its from but I think I saw it retailed at something stupid like £300??? Seems to be fairly difficult to get hold of one now. Thanks for the comments Team.




Diesel K-Marte Knit

Tepphar 804K (30x30 - Not the ones im selling ;-) in the mall)

Adidas Tweed Trainers







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Originally Posted by Aahz View Post

Japan Blue Raw Selvedge

AllSaints Hamer Shirt

Diesel Jacket

Cole Haan Maj Deegan Boots


Top marks aahz!!!!

gentlemen, take note. 

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Hi friends, im thinking about buying Thanaz 74k or Thavar 8880m, not both, too much for me. I can buy each one at same price, they are totally different i know, but which would you recomend me?
Thavar is more for summer and thanaz for winter, but i think thanaz 74k in summer could be cool too
Are the thanaz too manufactured? I mean, are they too striking? The blue, green and white spots are too big?
Thanks a lot everybody, this forum is the best
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I bought the 74K ago and I am very happy, I think you should take it, because you can put it in Winter or Summer ...

Moreover it is really great and the spots are not "coarse" (Sorry for my bad English;))

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javiiglesias, I'd say that it really depends on the rest of your denim wardrobe. The 8880M is a great staple piece if you're building a well-rounded set of go-to options.


If you already have the basics covered (clean dark, clean light, etc.) then I would wholeheartedly recommend the 74K. It's just so unique and so well done.


It's just that (especially during the summer months) the 8880M will get much more wear.


The 74K is certainly striking, but not too over the top (or too manufactured), and in my opinion more of an occasional piece to make a statement.

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Wow, thanks Phukette :)


leftvapor, it's the same as the 804H. I wandered into the Diesel store in SF shortly after they busted out the 50% sales. I was just looking around and decided to try it on. I really wasn't much interested in the workwear look but the thing that hooked me was that the fit was just spot on. I couldn't put it down for that reason alone. And now I'm having fun finding ways to wear it.


It's actually quite nice and functional... it's comfortable, great windbreaker for an outer layer, and those big pockets have matching ones sewn on the inside. They're all wonderful for plunking my iPhone, wallet, (and anything else) into.

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Thanks Ensdenim and Aahz!
Aahz, i own thanaz 8b9, Thavar 8ne, Thanaz 8my and Thavar 882g. I think 8880m could be similar than 8my and 74k could be similar than 882g... More or less...
which do you think would be more different at the rest of my jeans?
Thanx again and sorry for my poor english
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Leftvapor, the small looks perfect IMO. But if you don't like it, I'd be very happy to take it off of your hand ;)  Great outfit again with the jumper and 804k.  Love that belt and how you wear it.

Aahz, impeccable outfit as usual. need i say more?

Javi, i'd recommend the 74k as well.  they are definitely fashion forward and a bit bold.  you'll get noticed wearing them that's for sure.  if that's you, then got for it.  i love wearing them on a night out of weekends myself.

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i dont own 74k and desperately want but cant find so go for that one
i here only but positive comments about it
i already own thanaz 8880m and like it dont love it
but im not a light wash person not even summer and i only own 8880m, 74z, 8pn cause i like fading and distressing and sord of trashy look
go for thanaz 74k if you have the chance
im sad that i cant find it
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Thanks Mattias! You can find it in ebay, i ve seen a lot of them. Do you own Thavar 8880m? Aren't they amazing when you have them on your hands?
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8880m is amazing when you have them on your hands i agree !

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Thanks everybody! I dont know what to do!
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Thanaz 804M (thanks Phukette -- finally got 'em!!)

Magee Velvet Jacket

Diesel Chrom Hi Boots

Diesel Belt

Circles & Squares Tee



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This shirt is awesome!

Originally Posted by Aahz View Post

Thanaz 804M (thanks Phukette -- finally got 'em!!)

Magee Velvet Jacket

Diesel Chrom Hi Boots

Diesel Belt

Circles & Squares Tee



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